Friday, May 13, 2011

The 13th must be my Good Friday

Today was a big day for three reasons!

1) Look at this beauty:

I'll get better pictures of her tomorrow.  We are babysitting her until next weekend.  Every year, Geoff's work has an auction to raise funds, and every year, someone donates a puppy.  Roxy is this year's puppy- she is adorable!  She's only five months old, but twice Gwennie's size.  She's pretty slow both physically and mentally, but a sweeter, milder dog I've never seen.  Gwennie's a little firecracker in comparison.  We are excited to have her at our house for a whole week until the auction.  She's really tired right now because we played outside, so this is all I could get her to do.  :)

2) We HEARD about student housing this morning!  And!  We got it!  I am SO excited.  It's available on July 15th, so I am probably going to move out there on that day so I can start looking for jobs asap.  Geoff might stay in Utah for an extra month to keep working as long as possible, since student loans don't kick in until September.  Here's the deal, it's 300 SQUARE FEET!  Lol!  It's two rooms total.  A kitchen, which looks big enough to probably fit a couch and TV (12 ft by 14 ft), and then another room which we'll use as a bedroom (8 ft by 14 ft), and you have to go through the bedroom to get to the bathroom.  There is 1 closet.  It's going to be the most awesome authentic New York living experience and I'm jumping out of my seat with excitement!  It's in the most awesome location too, on Amsterdam and 120th.  So right in between the main campus and the social work building where Geoff will spend most of his time.  I am so happy we got to be in that area!  It's such a nice area, and everything we could want or need is right there, and I will feel really safe.  It's ten blocks from Central Park.  I'm just, beyond stoked.  And now we can start making some definite moving plans too.  This is going to come up really fast, I am sure.

3) Today was my last day of work!  I'm so glad I don't have to deal with the stresses anymore.  And, I'm sad.  Sad that I won't see my friends daily anymore.  And I know that they were really an exceptional company to work for, which isn't all too common, I know.  It was really hard to pack up my stuff and leave the office that still feels like mine.  But it's true that I have really struggled through this past year, so, I'm really glad the stress will be gone.  It was a fun day- Ang, Mike, Karen, Ash, and Tiff took me to lunch. (There was one more girl who we wanted to be there but she was sick with a migraine today, poor girl.  She still called to wish me luck, she's so sweet!)  And my boss and the others in my department (but I hear that my boss was the mastermind behind it) got me a $50 Visa gift card, lemon bars from my fav bakery, and a subscription to a monthly New York living magazine that has all the free/cheap stuff to do scheduled out - concerts, events, etc.  One of the girls in my dept. lived in NYC for two years not long ago, and said she lived by that magazine.  They ordered it to start shipping directly to our NY apartment in the next 6-8 weeks!  How nice of them! 

Well, good job if you made it all the way to the end! lol.  We're supposedly going to try pulling an all-nighter tonight.  Wish us luck.

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