Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Aug. 28th the most boring day ever

Well, I waivered and finally gave in. Dropped my math class. I've been telling myself I'm so determined to finish school... it's a mix of feeling relieved and disappointed. Well as long as I get A's in my other three classes then it will be worth it I guess, otherwise it's a waste. Now Geoff gets the math book all to himself. :) I really don't know how he goes to school full time and works full time semester in and semester out. I did it last summer, but summer is easier cuz you only have to focus on two classes at a time. He does it ALL the time. *sigh* He's a smartie pants.

I need to start going to bed earlier, I'm so tired all the time. (It really makes me a lazy employee and that's not good.) I usually like to wait up for hubby to get home cuz that's the only time I see him during the week, but last night after finally climbing in bed around midnight, we spent an extra ten minutes trying to kill a mosquito that was in the bedroom. It's things like that. Oh well I guess it's the small moments that count, I am lucky my husband can be home with me at night.
I really wanted to write something inspirational today, but now I'm too tired and I'm going home.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mindless Meanderings

Today is a very boring day at work. BUT, I’m not complaining in the least. When it gets busy around here we call it chaos; it’s nice to have some down time once in awhile. Of course that’s when I tend to eat junk though. I’ve had this horrible habit of raiding the candy machine when I get bored, so the other day I bought a bunch of junk food to keep my mouth busy so I don’t raid the candy machine any more. Yeah. That should work.

We’re buying a new computer this weekend. And getting the internet FINALLY. Then I’ll be able to do this from home instead of work. Two and a half years without the internet, while going to school. How did we do it? Magic, that’s how.

Went to lunch with an old friend yesterday, and I just love her! We had the most awesome talk and she is awesome. Wow it feels so nice to have friends. I gotta tell ya, the whole getting married thing scares all your friends away. Now that it’s been a couple of years though, they are slowly coming back. (Or maybe I’m the one that left and is coming back).

School started two days ago. So far I’ve had my Ethics class and my Calculus class. (Still to go: Microeconomics and Health). Boy, all we did was review point/slope formulas and I’m amazed how much I’ve forgotten since April. And my professor speaks with a rich Indian accent and his English isn’t quite all there. I’m feeling kind of intimidated. There’s no humbling experience like taking a math class. Geoff and I both have this class right now, (his in the morning, mine at night), so maybe we can help each other… or at least commiserate together. Anyhow we are sharing a book, and until we get to the store, a calculator. Hope it works.

Someone brought their cute, cute baby in to work today. He was the most darling baby I’ve ever seen, aside from Colby and Kayden, two of the kids that used to live next to us. It kind of makes me want…. a dog. You know? Just a cute, cute dog. Too bad we don’t have time for one.

7 things about Cali

Well we've been tagged, so here it is. 7 things.

1- I like the gym once I get there

2- I am an even mixture of Yellow and Blue, meaning I'm a randomly-compulsive organizer... although that does not mean my house is clean (in reality our mess is a place). Once in a great while I have the intense urge to organize the CD collection (meaning get them all in one place, alphabetize them by group or last name, and document them on my computer). And yes once in awhile I even get sick of the mess and clean it, too

3- My hair changes colors drastically at spontaneous intervals, ask anyone who's known me longer than six months

4- At work I'm known as Cali Jo Ray Morgan Stanley, a nickname which has evolved over many months. Recently someone added "oso" at the end, but we'll see if it sticks

5- Cocky people bother me and mean people suck (I know I stole that from a bumper sticker but it really is my pet peeve)

6- A dream of mine is to be a competent, successful, highly paid professional who lives in a nice high-rise in downtown Manhattan, weighs 110 pounds and wears business suits and stilettos to work. Evenings will be spent sipping champaign, listening to soft jazz and admiring the glamorous lights of the city with my husband, which, from our huge apartment with massive picture windows, we will have an excellent view of. We will spend our weekends attending parties or strolling through the picturesque park nearby... maybe ice-skating and browsing bookstores in the winter. Each year there will be an exotic trip - Brazil, Spain, the Maldives. After we've enjoyed this lifestyle for a few years, we'll buy a house in a quaint New England town where the houses have nice yards and big trees that turn colors in the fall and raise kids there. Fun. What a fun dream. *Sigh*

7- I have the best husband in the world (I'm not trying to brag but it's absolutely true). My favorite thing to do is spend time with him, watching movies and cuddling, or going out and playing, whatever. I love being married to him

I guess Geoff will probably do his when he's ready. I don't tag anyone because the only people I know on here already tagged us.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Welcome to the century

I am starting this blog because my friend McKenna said I should because she has one. She forgets that she is clearly more entertaining than I ever was. But, I suppose it is time to join in the century anyway, and move from the journal to the blog. Actually, this is for both Geoff and I (cuuuute). It’ll probably be easier for friends and relatives to stay up to date by reading than by trying to call, because as any one of them would tell you, I am not the best at returning phone calls. For starters, we are living in Orem, UT, in a little condo that we love, and are both working full time. I have the all-important job of payroll-processor, and Geoff has the also-all-important job of binding phone books. (They are getting us through school). We are currently enjoying a between-semesters break, although school starts again in only 2 days. Then it’s round two of the full-time full-time schedule for each of us. It’s true we almost never see each other but we manage to stay in love. (Maybe it actually helps that we almost never see each other – kidding). Actually (I know I use the word “actually” too much) we had a fun date this weekend – we both got massages for the first time ever. It was from Ernie’s (a co-worker of Geoff’s) boyfriend, Bruce, who is of course a massage therapist. He did a really good job and was very professional. I think we’ll go back.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


This is a test blog.