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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The retirement of this blog

It's been a few weeks since I've blogged... a lot has happened, mainly that we've gone through separation and divorce - the papers were filed this afternoon.  Of course, I am devastated.  It has been a rough couple of weeks, and that's an understatement.  We've been trying really hard to make it work for some years now, and it is just not going to happen.  But the bright side is, that he remains my best friend, and I his, and for that I am grateful.

Clearly, this must needs be the end of ""  I'm sure I'll start another blog at some point, but I'm going to take a break for awhile until I get some things figured out, like what to do with my life next, and hopefully get settled into something before too long.  I've been counciled to put my trust in God, so, I'm trying to figure out just what that means, and do it.  Right now I'm just trying to trust that things will turn out okay eventually.  I think they will.

Loves to everyone.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Busy day

Today is going to be a busy day, so I had wanted to get up early to work out, around 7:00 (not early for work, but since I've quit working that is early!)  It didn't happen.  Despite all the birds tweeting outside and the sunlight streaming through the window, I could not drag myself out of bed.  Geoff was about ready to leave for work at 9:00 and I was still in bed, too late to read scriptures together.  So I said I have a scripture for us this morning.  "The natural morning is an enemy to Cali, and always has been, and will be forever and ever, unless she yeilds to the enticings of the holy spirit, and putteth off the natural morning."  (I fumbled it a little bit, not having it perfectly memorized.)  And Geoff asked, "Yeah? Well what are you going to do in the morning of the first resurrection?  Are you gonna push snooze?"  I laughed.  "Probably! I'll probably miss it because I won't be able to get out of bed!"  lol. 

Anyway, I've got to go to the grocery store and get the crock pot going in the next hour or so because the missionaries are coming for dinner tonight.  Then I have to clean the house and do laundry for tomorrow's departure!  Maybe I can fit the gym in between there sometime.  Tomorrow morning I get my roots done! Woot!

We've decided to post an ad for Gwennie after we get back from California, since we can't do anything while we're there anyway.  I have cried about it every day this week.  Last night I even tried to sleep on the couch so that she could cuddle with me all night.  (Of course I couldn't sleep so I ended up putting her in her kennel after a couple of hours).  Anyway, she's my baby, I can't think about it too hard right now or I'll be crying all day again.

I started reading A Game of Thrones.  It's good so far!  It helps that I saw the first episode on HBO, so I have more of a clue about what's going on.  It was a little confusing the first time I tried to start reading it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Progress? Or no?

Today I walked 1.5 miles at 3.8 mph, then jogged another 1.3 miles at 4 mph, and had to stop.  My body felt ok, but it was my lungs that were dying.  It's now that my body hurts, lol.  So I was short of the full 3.2, bummer.  I'll need to slow it down again next time I guess.  Am I expecting too much out of myself?  Or am I just a big wuss?  It's only been a week and a half that I've really been working on it, and I keep thinking I should be able to jog the whole thing by now.  Boo.  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

In less than 24 hours I've sold the computer desk, the dresser, and the bookshelves.  Now we're just waiting on the filing cabinet before we can give back the storage unit.  I never got to the outdoor storage yesterday, so that is today's project.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Gwennie got lots of vaccine updates today, and a blood test for heartworm (thankfully negative). But I was talking with the vet about how we are moving and have to find a new home for Gwennie. He suggested that we start looking soon, so that we can slowly acclimate her to the new family. Maybe have her spend the night once or twice beforehand, as opposed to just dropping her off in the new place and being suddenly gone. Because dogs form bonds like we do too, and it can be hard on the dog as well. Well, we had a few minutes while waiting for the blood test, and I walked Gwennie around the store and gave Geoff a call to tell him what the vet said. Suddenly I started crying and choking up and couldn't even get the words out. We've been putting it off because it's hard, but I think the vet is probably right. It could take a few weeks to find a really good home for her. The vet even offered to see if any of his clients are looking for a dog, once we decide to get going on it. Anyway, I'm choking up just typing this. I'm not ready to say goodbye to my baby.

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Last Saturday I got a little frustrated that I wasn't really increasing my time/distance than when I started.  (Still 2 miles in 30 minutes).  Geoff suggested that I start over, and pace myself enough to go the full 3.2 miles, then increase it by like .2 mph each time after that.  Over the course of a month, I should be able to increase it quite a bit, hopefully.  So I did that today.  I walked 3.2 miles at 3.8 mph in 51 minutes.  It is as fast as I can walk without having to jog.  So, next time I increase, it will be at jogging speed.  I'm not sure though because even though it's a small increase in speed, it's the difference between low and high impact.  I might do half at walking and half at jogging tomorrow, then see if I can jog the whole thing without stopping after that.  Then I can start increasing the speed while jogging the whole way.  Today I also did abs and calves.  I love coming home and drinking the protein shake (with skim milk), it's actually kind of good.  Even though, I think it gives me gas (TMI? Sorry.).

On the radar for today: take Gwennie to the vet for vaccine updates, post ads for the furniture in storage, and start cleaning out the outside storage closet, if I can do it without getting soaked (as I type this it's starting to pour. I don't remember a spring with so much rain, though I suppose it's a good thing- I imagine this is what Scotland is like most often).  Yay for having the time to do all of this!

Dexter, Gwennie, Univision

We finished season two of Dexter today. I'm so addicted to the show! Bummer that Showtime only allow for the first two episodes to be on Netflix instant play, so that they could get people hooked so they'll go buy the rest of the seasons. It's probably going to work on us, ha.

It's been a pretty relaxing day just with church, naps, dinner, hanging out. And snuggling my puppy. I'm so sad thinking about getting rid of her. Only another couple of weeks and we have to start advertising. :( So heartbreaking.

This week will be a busy one for Geoff; his work asked him to be part of a media campaign for the Spanish speaking community- he's going to be doing interviews in spanish on the radio and Univision all week. He's a little nervous about his language abilities, but they wouldn't have asked him if they didn't think he'd be good at it. I think it's pretty cool.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bye Roxy

This afternoon I drove Roxy up to the Salt Lake Hilton for the auction. I was a little nervous to take her inside the nice hotel because of her potty habits, but we made it. Everyone who saw her instantly fell on her, oohing and fawning. It made me feel good to see it. Someone will spend lots of money on her and will hopefully take good care of her. Cuz she's a big sweetheart, she's just a LOT of work. It made us appreciate what a good and easy dog Gwennie really is. And now it's just us three again!

Yesterday mom brought the truck up to our storage unit and helped load my cedar chest and took it back to their house. We're going to sell all the stuff in storage and the cedar chest is one thing I wanted to keep because it was a graduation present from mom and dad. While in Spanish, I had the chance to visit with Grandma, then went to dinner in Springville with a friend. She came to our house after and hung out until midnight, it was fun.

Today Geoff went for a 7 mile run, I went to the gym (2 miles in 30 minutes, slower than I had expected. I also did abs, calves, and deltoid/triceps). Then we went to the storage unit and took pictures of stuff so we can post ads online. Then I took Roxy to Salt Lake, then we went out to dinner. It was nice after a week of one of us always having to be home for sake of the dog. Tonight it's movies! I love weekends!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Tonight we ran three miles out on Geneva. Geoff was nice and went at my slower pace. We still made it back in 40 minutes which is actually good time for me. It was fun. It's only been a few days that I've been doing a decent job (not perfect, but decent) at diet and exercise, and it feels really good. (I'll be honest too, it is soooo much easier to do this stuff without a job taking up most of my day.) When we go to San Francisco, Geoff wants to run across the Golden Gate Bridge. It'd be nice to lose a few pounds and be a little more in shape by then.

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Need sugar!

You know you are craving sugar when you have a dream that you bought a house from someone else, and as you are cleaning it out, you find their year old wedding cake in the freezer and you actually, hungrily, devour it. I think I have a serious sugar problem...

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That tree jumped out at me from nowhere

So yesterday afternoon my sister came over to hang out. She helped me cook and stayed for dinner. I loved it! I feel a little guilty about just being home, but I'm sort of loving it so far.

Anyway, while she was here, we took the dogs out, and she got a first hand look at poor Roxy's mental state. Bounding happily along, not paying attention, miss Rocks for Brains ran straight into a tree with her face. Hard. She yelped and howled and came to us for comfort with her tail between her legs. It's hard being a stupid dog these days. We petted her until she felt better, then she was off again.

Alison said maybe her ear infection is deeper than we thought and is affecting her balance, which would explain why she runs into us, trees, and stone pillars. Poor thing. I hope her new owners take her straight to the vet to be checked out.

Looking forward to today!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A new approach

After a few more frustrating instances last night, I decided that Rocks for Brains would stay in the kennel for the remainder of her stay with us. We felt bad about locking her up- especially Geoff- but after talking to some people, we realize it is the best thing. Since most dogs won't potty in their kennel, I'm hoping it'll teach her some bladder control, because she has none. And of course, it'll give me some sanity. I've been taking them outside every couple of hours to potty and play, and then putting Roxy away again, and it's been working great. She always whines and howls, but then she goes to sleep. And here after three puppies I thought we had the housetraining thing down, lol.

Today I've been able to go to the gym, clean the house, do laundry, shower and do my hair/makeup, and go grocery shopping for tonight's dinner. I think I have about an hour to read before I need to start making dinner. We're trying tin fool dinners tonight, hope it works out.

Also I did some research yesterday, and it appears that it will easily cost a couple thousand dollars to try and move stuff to the east coast- that's using movers, or renting a haul, or a combination of the two, there's just no getting around it. But I found some flights for $179 each. So we've decided to just sell everything and fly. I'm fine with this except for the bed. I love that bed, it's soo comfortable. We'll check a couple bags each, fly out, check in to our housing, and spend the first day shopping for something to sleep on and a computer, so we can look for jobs and generally find stuff we need. July 14th is the day!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

I need dog diapers

Roxy?  How about Rocks for Brains.  We've had her since Friday; it's now Monday.  I'm sure that her new family will love her, and I'm really sorry, but the combination of big, dumb, and unhousetrained is becoming a little much for me.  I have cleaned up SO much pee in the last couple of days.  Just now I went to the gym, thought I could leave them out since they had just been outside playing and peeing and were exhausted, and I was gone for less than two hours and I came home to seriously a lake of pee on the kitchen floor.  Rocks for Brains is becoming afraid of me because I yell at her so much.  I'm taking the water away, the couch privileges away, and from now on, if no one is home with them, it's in the kennel they go.  And I love Gwennie to pieces, but I've been getting mad at her too because she's starting to act out, on account of not being an only dog anymore, I suppose.  Now I've got to shower and I think I have to put Rocks for Brains in the kennel so she doesn't pee some more.  I wish I could put diapers on her.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy birthday Geoff

Today is Geoff's 29th birthday! Happy birthday Geoff! He opened his present from me last night, he hates waiting to open presents. I got him some nice flop flops, an Ernest movie series, and a cheapo wristwatch (he wanted a cheap one, I swear!) to wear while running. Today I made dinner and birthday cookies. Mom and dad broke into our apt to drop off a gift while we were at church. (They gave him a nice shirt and a cake that I have eaten most of.) Oh and he got a card from my grandma too. And then we've basically been hanging out, home/visiting teaching, and taking care of the doggies.

We used google earth to look up our new apt building in New York. We discovered that it's the same building as that Che Bella's pizza place we ate at! How fun! It was fun looking at the streets and seeing what else is within walking distance. We think that we'll be attending church at the Manhattan Temple- there's a chapel there. How cool!

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I knew it

Freakin a. So remember that i wrote about how the ppl that lived upstairs left the country cuz their visas didn't go through?

Well, Geoff and I were in the computer room just now, talking about something, when we heard a heavy footstep and some movement come from the room above. We've been hearing it for a couple of days. In fact, the floppy dog barked her head off for a good forty five minutes this morning when we kenneled her, and Geoff was afraid that she would wake the people upstairs because he thought he'd heard them the night before. But no one has moved in.

So just now, when we heard these sounds, we looked at each other and I ran outside to see if any of the lights were on, you know, if someone was looking at the place. (Not likely at 11pm on Sunday night, but to each their own.) NO LIGHTS WERE ON. NOT ONE. No movement, nothing. We even went around to check the back of the building. I am telling you, there is something here. Not that it's always in our apartment, that we know of, but I have suspected for a long time. I hope our renters aren't afraid of ghosts, he he he. (that is, if it doesn't sell.)

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The floppy dog

Roxy is the most hilarious dog ever.  We think she's not all there, mentally.  I mean, even our old cocker-spaniel, Reggie, wasn't this dumb.  But she's very entertaining.  When she wants to get off the couch, she doesn't jump off like a normal dog would, she just kind of goes limp and falls off.  When we take her for walks, she follows very close behind you, often bumping into you; she's not coordinated at all... come to think of it, maybe falling off the couch really is her best option.  I scolded her for peeing on the kitchen tile- I don't think she even knows what the concept of scolding is.  It didn't seem to phase her at all.  And she loves to be picked up - which is hard to do considering her size, but Geoff does it and she just melts into him.  I should video that, it's pretty funny.

We bought her a harness today, since she arrived on a choker chain, which she clearly hated.  So she's much easier to walk now (despite being repeatedly bumped into).  Also, Geoff found infection in both her ears this morning, and it's bad.  The fungus that he cleaned out was like paste - way worse than Gwennie's infection that the vet scolded us for.  We're using Gwennie's leftover ear medicine, and then we'll be sure to let her new people know they need to clean her ears often. 

It is really fun watching the two of them play though. She's so big and floppy, and her paws are HUGE.  This will be a fun week for Gwennie.  We're seeing a side of Gwennie that we haven't seen before - a bit of a jealous, territorial side.  She always tries to take away whatever toy Roxy is chewing on, and her playing is more aggressive than normal.  We bought a huge rawhide bone for Roxy to hopefully keep her from chewing the furniture, and Gwennie thinks it's hers, though she can barely pick it up.  It is fun having the two of them though.  We took them outside to play this morning and they came back and slept for six hours, so we're going to do it again before bedtime.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The 13th must be my Good Friday

Today was a big day for three reasons!

1) Look at this beauty:

I'll get better pictures of her tomorrow.  We are babysitting her until next weekend.  Every year, Geoff's work has an auction to raise funds, and every year, someone donates a puppy.  Roxy is this year's puppy- she is adorable!  She's only five months old, but twice Gwennie's size.  She's pretty slow both physically and mentally, but a sweeter, milder dog I've never seen.  Gwennie's a little firecracker in comparison.  We are excited to have her at our house for a whole week until the auction.  She's really tired right now because we played outside, so this is all I could get her to do.  :)

2) We HEARD about student housing this morning!  And!  We got it!  I am SO excited.  It's available on July 15th, so I am probably going to move out there on that day so I can start looking for jobs asap.  Geoff might stay in Utah for an extra month to keep working as long as possible, since student loans don't kick in until September.  Here's the deal, it's 300 SQUARE FEET!  Lol!  It's two rooms total.  A kitchen, which looks big enough to probably fit a couch and TV (12 ft by 14 ft), and then another room which we'll use as a bedroom (8 ft by 14 ft), and you have to go through the bedroom to get to the bathroom.  There is 1 closet.  It's going to be the most awesome authentic New York living experience and I'm jumping out of my seat with excitement!  It's in the most awesome location too, on Amsterdam and 120th.  So right in between the main campus and the social work building where Geoff will spend most of his time.  I am so happy we got to be in that area!  It's such a nice area, and everything we could want or need is right there, and I will feel really safe.  It's ten blocks from Central Park.  I'm just, beyond stoked.  And now we can start making some definite moving plans too.  This is going to come up really fast, I am sure.

3) Today was my last day of work!  I'm so glad I don't have to deal with the stresses anymore.  And, I'm sad.  Sad that I won't see my friends daily anymore.  And I know that they were really an exceptional company to work for, which isn't all too common, I know.  It was really hard to pack up my stuff and leave the office that still feels like mine.  But it's true that I have really struggled through this past year, so, I'm really glad the stress will be gone.  It was a fun day- Ang, Mike, Karen, Ash, and Tiff took me to lunch. (There was one more girl who we wanted to be there but she was sick with a migraine today, poor girl.  She still called to wish me luck, she's so sweet!)  And my boss and the others in my department (but I hear that my boss was the mastermind behind it) got me a $50 Visa gift card, lemon bars from my fav bakery, and a subscription to a monthly New York living magazine that has all the free/cheap stuff to do scheduled out - concerts, events, etc.  One of the girls in my dept. lived in NYC for two years not long ago, and said she lived by that magazine.  They ordered it to start shipping directly to our NY apartment in the next 6-8 weeks!  How nice of them! 

Well, good job if you made it all the way to the end! lol.  We're supposedly going to try pulling an all-nighter tonight.  Wish us luck.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A great day

Tonight consisted of a trip to the gym, an episode of Dexter, and a dog grooming session. We gave Gwennie a nail-trimming, a bath, a teeth cleaning, an ear cleaning, and a facial-crease cleaning. Whew! We laughed so hard while trimming her nails; it's the most hilarious thing ever. Now she's running around like psychodog.

Only three days left and I am done with work! Doesn't seem real yet. Geoff said we're going to celebrate with an all-nighter this weekend. What am I going to do with all that free time? Well, I'll finally be able to take Gwennie to the vet for her vaccine updates, schedule a carpet-cleaning, start listing stuff on KSL, figure out how to move to New York, go to San Francisco, have some inlaws stay over, babysit another puppy, and spend lots and lots of time at the gym. Oh and keep the house clean and fix meals and that good stuff (you know, basically be a decent wife). And maybe- sleep until 8:00 in the mornings. Generally, be un-stressed. Sigh. It will be great.


Look what I just found at Walmart!

I used to have to drive all the way to Salt Lake to The Dutch Store or Pirate O's to get my hands on these.  (They are bigger in those packages but it's all the same thing.)  I'm in heaaaaaaven.  Too bad NYC doesn't have a Walmart yet... but I guess there is sure to be at least one store that sells european food.  Yum!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Showering pug

Happy Mother's Day!  I know having a dog doesn't in any way compare to being a real mother, but in honor of this holiday (as if I need an excuse), let me share a cute story with you.  While I was in the shower yesterday, Gwennie poked her little head in the curtain.  Have I ever mentioned her obsession with bathtubs?  Before I knew it, she was in the shower with me.  She stood there for a moment, assessing the environment, then hopped back out.  A few seconds later, she was back.  This time she was unable to get back out because it was too slippery, so she decided to make the most of it.  I was beside myself watching her play with the shower spray, daring herself to get closer, until I finally put her out, and she went nuts like newly bathed dogs do.  I was mentally writing up the ad that we will probably soon place: "pug that likes to take showers with you."  We love our little dog so much.

Well, after church we're going to Grandma's for dinner.  We're bringing cookies that we made using the Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookie recipe, except we left out the espresso powder, and added our own touch.  Melt half a bag of chocolate chips and mix the melted chocolate in with the dough before adding the rest of the chocolate chips.  Chocolatey!  I'm excited to visit with Grandma and give mom her present.  Alison and I went in on it this year.