Thursday, July 31, 2008

freaky FREAKY actor

I just watched part of a TV show called "Fear Itself", on somethin-channel, I don't remember. Probably Sci-Fi. There's an actor, Brett Dier, who played a possessed-crazy-cannibal. And he was FREAKY! He's a lot older in this show than in any pictures I could find of him. And oh my gosh, it gave me the shudders just to look at him. Geoff and I like to watch scary movies/shows and we do all the time, although I don't like the gore as much as he does (I refuse to watch zombie-movies), but I am going to have nightmares tonight, I know it. And I only watched two between-commercials scenes, and had to quit watching. ((shudder)) Gotta love satellite. (you would never see that on Fox!)

UPDATE: I had the wrong guy. It was actually this guy.

Slideshows and burning boogers

Geoff had a bit of a frustrating day yesterday. First, his IPOD broke. It got that big red X and would not reset. (Thanks, Apple! Exhorbitant prices have nothing to do with value, apparently.) Then, when he tried to pull the bottom drawer out of the desk, it got stuck and the front panel broke off. Then, while I was at class, he worked for hours on a slideshow/movie about the two of us, saved his completed project, and could not get it open again to show me. It's a little humorous that it all happened in the same day... maybe... a little. But then he started his project again and finished it within a couple of hours and burned it to a DVD and played it for me in the front room. It's exactly the same thing we hired a guy to do for us for a wedding video, a slideshow of pictures with a music track. It was so cute! The music track was Rick Astely, Together Forever, which I just laughed about because we joke about Rick Astely all the time. Anyway. It was cute.

Then I went to bed and woke up around 4:30 a.m., Geoff was in the computer room making more slideshows of stuff. He'd been awake all night! I had to have him lay down with me so I could fall back asleep, which he patiently did. I heard him finally come to bed around 6:30, about 30 seconds before my alarm clock went off. So, I expect he's still home sleeping right about now.

He also asked me what I thought about him keeping a journal. An online, private one, which I am not privy to. Of course I am insanely curious about what he writes, (or will write, if he hasn't started yet), but I think it's awesome! I love journaling; when I was younger I filled up about 12 hard-bound journals in about 5 years. Every once in a great while I'll pull one out and read it, and usually I'm either totally embarrassed by my teenage stupid-ness or totally taken with seeing everything from a different perspective now. Some of the memories it brings back are so funny - once when we were vacationing in California, we were sitting in a sauna and it was so hot that 4-year-old Danielle said it was "burning her boogers." I would never have remembered that. Anyway, my point is that I think it's really great to keep a journal, even if it's just for yourself.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Four-tens & attitude

Last night I tossed and turned in bed for an hour, thinking, I can take a solid nap in the front seat of my car, in a parking lot in the mid-day heat, but put me in a soft, comfy bed, in a cool, dark room at the end of a long day and I can't sleep. Go figure.

Yesterday was an interesting work day, in a good way, though that's not what I thought at first. I was called to the upstairs conference room with the rest of the acc. dept., and the two owners were in there. The first thing they said to us was, "You guys know that the economy is struggling right now, gas prices are high, and (Our Company) is not immune to all of that." I totally got scared, thinking, they're going to give us a "we're laying people off" talk. But that was not the case. They've given us the option of having a 4-10 work week instead of 5-8's. It is totally voluntary, and you can choose to either have Monday or Friday off, as long as you coordinate with others so that the work for all 5 days still gets done. I am totally on board with that! I will gladly work ten-hour days if it means having a whole extra day for schoolwork and errands and stuff. The schedule is supposed to go from 7 am to 6 pm, but I have classes at 5:30, so they are going to work with me so that I can work the ten-hour days and still get off work at 5:00, because they "support education." How awesome is that?? They said they are hoping to gain some efficiencies by having people here for two hours per day that the phones aren't ringing, but really this means they are now going to be running the building for 50 hours per week instead of 40. (That's a big increase in utilities and stuff). I really think this is mostly for the benefit of the employees... saving us a day's worth of gas in travel, and giving us a three-day weekend every weekend. This is the greatest company! I can't wait to start!

Also, we've been talking about combating negative self-priming in our human performance meetings for the last couple of weeks, and the benefits of having a "statement list." (We have a human-performance coach). I realized that I need a major attitude adjustment where school is concerned, so I've been working on a statement list that will help me change my attitude about school... otherwise I'm not going to make it. I had one put together, and I emailed it to our coach to see if he had any input for me, and he brought it to the next meeting and made it the focus of the whole meeting. (Which was yesterday). Our group is pretty small and we all know each other, so it wasn't too embarrassing, in fact, it was very beneficial to me and hopefully to the others. I got some great suggestions on how to improve it, and there were a couple of things that I took away most of all: First, achievement requires sacrifice. Instead of resenting the sacrifice, embrace it, and know that it is temporary. Next, it was my choice to do this. I can't be victimized by it because I chose it, and I need to own up to my choices and accept them. Finally, I have soooo much support, from husband, family, friends, coworkers and bosses, and professors if I will utilize them. There is so much more but those things hit me the hardest. It made me realize how lucky I am to have such a phenomenal support system.

Speaking of school, I am one chapter away from finishing all astronomy homework, and then I can use this last week and a half to study hard for statistics. My husband has all but carried me through that class these last few weeks. He is so great.

And... we are going on vacation next month! We finally decided on a place to go and I am so pumped!

Monday, July 28, 2008

What do you remember about me?

Okay, yes I think this is cheesy to put this on my blog, but I've been seeing it on other people's blogs and I've had so much fun leaving comments! So, leave a memory if you feel like it, and if not, don't. :)


Step 1: As a comment on my blog, leave a memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew/know me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

Step 2: Re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory for you. It's actually pretty fun to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one for you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Morning hair

Geoff could barely contain his excitement when he learned of the coming troll-doll convention.

Actually, that is just morning hair. It's a good thing I never have morning hair.

So we were nearly raped by the automobile-maintenance industry and the Utah State Tax Commission today. Two new tires, two new wiper blades, one new tail light, one safety & emissions inspection, one automobile-registration payment, and five hours later, I'm LEGAL and BROKE! ALL FOR A LITTLE BLUE STICKER! Oh, the pain, agony, misery and wo! And my car is officially deemed safe to drive. Well. I hear Oregon only has to do this every other year, and it's cheaper. So. We're moving to Oregon. (Nevermind that we have family there, you know, it just costs less.... kidding!)

Friday, July 25, 2008

What happens when you step away from your desk

This is a Friday afternoon at work? I shudder to think what happens when we're BORED.

Joey, Justin, and their dates

Joey, Justin, and their dates being attacked by a giant owl.

Actually, his name's Ray

Hey check it out: I’m nearly famous now, or something

I laughed pretty hard; I did not fully expect to be blogged about after leaving a comment. (I only partially expected it… kidding) Johnny B – that is pretty awesome. To hopefully satiate some of that curiosity about how I stumbled onto your blog… it was actually not through Geoff, although it is also pretty awesome that now everyone gets to read my sweetheart’s latest post about pooping and farting. (He is a sweetie) I think I actually saw a link that said “JohnnyB” on Overheard in the Office. There used to be a local comedian here that went by “Johnny B”, and being curious, I clicked it. As much of a coincidence as it is that there would be two comedians named Johnny B, I don’t think you are the same person. But, I enjoyed your blog because it was smart and funny, so I added the link. (See, not as exciting as one might think) :(

As for that other part, it is true, I am mormon (gasp!). :) But please don’t let me present a problem for you; I am pretty hard to offend… in other words a cool mormon. (I’m going to hell for that). I only joke about the dominatrix because I’m a mormon. (Bring the handbasket, please). Actually, and this is a pretty shameless plug, but if anyone is ever interested in learning more, is the best place to look. It’s really not half bad, yo! And you get to keep your husband all to yourself! (I know I know, just what all you fellas out there wanted) It’s pretty awesome.

I also admit to being a "blogstalker", but not in an illegal, creepy, tripped-out sense. I figure if someone didn’t want you to read their blog, they wouldn’t post it all over the internet! So read away, just know it’s not anything special! And I use emoticons a lot! :-P

Thanks for the shout-out Johnny B. Have fun crunching numbers. (Or doing standup, you know, or whatever). It's the weekend.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lord help the mister

I love being the big sister. Being the oldest child, it was new to my family for someone to bring a date home, and I remember being petrified of the seemingly inevitable teasing. (Well, private teasing is fine, but I was horrified that someone would start telling diaper stories to my date thinking it was cute). Anyway, being married I am now immune to the fire, but my youngest sibling, who just turned 16 and had three different dates this week, is just beginning.

This evening I came to mom & dad's for a pants-un-hemming party of one. Okay two. (Mom is the one un-hemming my pants). Remember I said tall and fat? My pants are too short. Anyway, we were sitting at the kitchen counter when the doorbell rang. Danielle's date. The door opened and there was mom, dad, and me, grinning and staring at the poor guy, who was major cute. Danielle introduced us and quickly made an exit. Which was good because my resistance to saying, "hey, look what I can do," was about to break down. I'm sure they could see dad's face in the window as they drove away.

I'm pretty sure one of my sisters is going to get married and beat me to having children. Which is fine with me cuz we're going to corrupt whatever children we have anyway... then what good will they be... all of the mafia movies and family guy episodes... and the pizza and ice-cream... the dominatrix equipment... not exactly a kid-friendly environment.

On another train of thought, we got off work early for Pioneer Day, which is as good as a federal holiday if you ask some locals. Every day at 11 I do a walk through payroll and call for banking. (The explanation of which would probably cause death by boredom so we'll skip it). Thanks to the ladies, it has evolved from "banking" to "keno," "cocktails," and the WAVE... in other words a party. I should get out my disco-ball mouse.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Crunching numbers is cool now? PS - that's a hyperlink.. it already confused one person, who shall remain unnamed.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Simple pleasures

1. Famous Amos cookies

2. The Ricky Martin CD your husband got you at FYE for 25 cents that you didn't think you were going to like but ended up loving

3. The games of MASH that you played with your hubby during statistics class (You ended up marrying Ricky Martin and having four kids and living in a mansion and driving a mercedes. He ended up marrying Rosie O'Donnell and having 100 kids and riding a really cool bike)

4. Moms that listen to you whine about being locked out of your house

5. Popping the screen out of the kitchen window (which was thankfully unlocked) and climbing in because your husband unknowingly locked you out of the house because you forgot to tell him you didn't have your key and then he didn't have his phone with him.

6. Really awesome husbands that clean up kat poop and throwup without you having to ask or do it yourself

7. Really awesome coworkers and visiting teaching sisters

8. Going to bed early and watching tv until you fall asleep

9. Or cuddling in bed until you fall asleep

10. Blogs

11. Newfound favorite songs

12. Words of encouragement

Monday, July 21, 2008

Long post

I can only think of the lamest titles, ever. EVER.

Hey, thanks for all of the support with the school thing, you guys! I think I am going to finish out this semester and then see how I feel after that. I really appreciate your input! :)

So, someone ran me off the road on the way to work this morning. Someone in a black mazda, was in the lane next to me (and I was little bit ahead of him, so I know I wasn't in his blind spot), and suddenly I look down to my left and there's the nose of his car, centimeters away from hitting me in the driver's side door (in fact, he was so close that I thought he did hit me at first). Luckily we were at a place where there was no curb, so I veered off into the gravel on the right. I got back on the road ahead of him (yeah, he didn't even try to correct after almost hitting me, he just kept merging into my lane), so he was now behind me, and I moved into the other lane so that I could see who it was at the next light. Of course, he didn't want me to see who he was, so he moved back into the first lane behind me, and stayed behind me the rest of the way. Some people. It's a good thing we weren't going very fast and that there wasn't a curb or a fence or tree or something at that spot or we would've had big trouble. Some people.

Anyway, aside from the wreckless driver, we had a great weekend. Friday I got off work early and went with Geoff to my cousin Rory's wedding in Salt Lake. They had a luncheon before the ceremony at the Joseph Smith Memorial building (I kept calling it the JST building, I don't know why). Then we went to the ceremony at the Salt Lake Temple. It was so beautiful, not to mention nice to be at a sealing with Geoff. The only other one we've been to together was Marshall's, which was over two years ago. On our own wedding day, I'm not sure I heard (or remembered) anything the sealer said! So it is so nice to have a reminder of our own promises to each other and how special it is.

On our way out of the sealing room, as we passed the other sealing rooms, Geoff jiggled the door handle of one of the open doors and said, "Are these the original door handles?" and we noticed there was a whole room of silent people staring into the hallway at us, so we hurried out of there before we started laughing, we couldn't stop laughing all the way down the stairs. (Chalk one up for uncontrollable giggling at an innapropriate time). My husband is so cute, he is the light of my life. He is always there for me and would do anything to make me happy and I love him so much. Really (and now I am gushing but who cares) I am awed at what an awesome person he is and look up to him so much, sometimes I can't believe he is mine. (Or I am his, or however you say. Okay cheesy) But yeah.

Saturday we had our summer primary water-party at the church pavillion. It is kind of weird because out of the four of us in the primary presidency, only one even has kids. (A kid). Given our small numbers of primary children, only five kids showed up, but that was actually a good turnout for us. It was actually more fun than I expected, and was nice to talk with the other adults who were there for their kids. They talked a lot about their kids, and their pregnancies, which I don't have much experience in, but it was fun nonetheless. The girls in the presidency have gone all-out to make me feel welcome and part of things and that, I have to say, makes a HUGE difference in how I felt about doing this calling. Also got set apart on Sunday and two of the bishopric and Geoff did it. Also, Geoff gave the lesson in Priesthood too and he said it went well. I dare say we have gotten involved in this ward whether we wanted to or not! (Actually, Geoff likes being involved, I am the different one).

Anyway, I am so so so blessed in life, "Too blessed to be stressed!" ha ha. That reminds me of the "seriously, so blessed" blog. I don't have the link but if you google it you will find it. It is pretty hilarious.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

we're sinking, we're sinking

Okay I'm going to vent in this one. I......... seriously don't know how much more I can take right now. I just want to cry every time I even think about school. I know being able to get an education is a blessing, but my brain is on burnout. I sat in class this evening falling asleep over and over and finally Geoff told me to just go home. Professor just reads straight out of the book for 2.5 hours every single night, it would've been more effective to just take it on the internet and teach myself. 10 hours of this stuff every week... what a huge waste of time. There's so much more that could be done in 10 hours than sit there and listen to someone read from a book. I just can't believe we pay so much money to suffer. It would've been a good good idea to take a break this block. I'm contemplating dropping all classes for next semester and taking it easy for a couple of months. That would push graduation back even further though, so I'm torn.

I once heard someone say that education is not about what you learn (because seriously, how much of it applies after you graduate anyway), it is about learning how to learn. And discipline and responsibility. I wish I could let that sink in right now. Just don't have the energy or the will.

Speaking of will, I framed that poem and put it on my desk at work. Need to read it more.

By the way, who has seen that commercial about the young german newly hired as some kind of control operator for the navy or whatever. He sits there in front of the control board on the first day, and suddenly a call comes in: "mayday! mayday!" .............. "we're sinking! we're sinking!" And the german guy gets on the radio and says, "What are you sinking about?" ha ha. I'm using that as my title.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thoughts before I start wasting more time

Tonight in the shower, I lathered and shaved one leg, then lathered and shaved the other leg, then lathered and half-way shaved the first leg again before I realized what I was doing. SMRT.

As I sit here, trying to begin make-up homework, I look back through my notes and this is what I see:
  • Don't try to play golf on a comet.
  • Jupiter says, "I was just going along minding my own business."
  • The marble in Payson says hi to the beachball on the point of the mountain.
  • Energy is spooky.

Yes, yes. I know my professor has a reason for telling us these dumb stories; he's trying to make the subject relevant, and perhaps midly entertaining. At least he tries. However, you can see from my take-away that I regard the class as a big, fat, giant waste of time. I actually tried to drop it over the weekend just so I could waste time in a more relaxing way, and found I was three days too late. Please just help me make it to the end of the semester.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'll have a tall and fat, please?

I'd like to know what dip-head clothing manufacturer first got the idea that all tall people are rail-thin and all short people are fat. Just a thought.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I dunno, he looks kinda hairy and slobbery to me...


Recently we were talking about Geoff's perception the first time we met. He thought I was a little stuck-up brat. It was his friend, Marshall, who actually introduced us. Marshall had brought Geoff and another guy over to my apartment to meet me (Marshall and I went on a few dates a long long time ago). Anyway, I was at the laundromat when they showed up, and when I got back to the apartment I was embarrassed that I was wearing pajama pants and didn't have makeup on and was carrying around a laundry basket full of clothes. (Just the picture a guy likes to see when he first meets a girl, huh? Skip the courtship honey and go straight to the 15-year anniversary!) Add to this, that I didn't know they were there to meet me, I thought they were just hanging out, cuz people did that all the time at our apartment. So I briefly introduced myself, probably without smiling, and then retreated to the bedroom to put the laundry away. Hence, Geoff's perception of my stuck-up-ness. And my perception of him? "I dunno, he looks kind of hairy and slobbery to me." (Actually no, I hardly even remember this occasion, to be honest)

Another time, a bunch of us had gone to breakfast at Magleby's fresh in Provo. It was the 4th of July and we had volunteered to help my roommate pooper-scoop at the parade. Well, have you ever tried to drive around downtown Provo the morning of the 4th? We could NOT make our way past the barricades and people to get where we needed to go. I guess we could've tried harder, but we eventually gave up and went to breakfast instead. So, there we were, joking around and laughing about how that guy over there looked like Patrick Swayzee, and I suggested we play the "animal game." The animal game is where you decide what animal each person looks like. When we got to Geoff, I said he looked like a hedgehog. In my mind, a hedgehog is this cute little furry animal - a CUTE animal. Geoff, of course, didn't take it that way. To get back at me, he said I looked like a Triceratops. We didn't know each other well enough at the time to understand this little head-game we were playing, and of course I took offense at being likened unto a dinosaur. At that point Marshall called the game to a halt and we went on our ways.

Another time, Geoff was over at our apartment talking to my roommates and mentioned that he needed to go on some dates and did we know anyone. I immediately piped up, "I have this really cute friend named DeAnna!" (Do you remember that, DeAnna?)

Another time, we had invited a group of people to go hike the Y, and the whole time, Geoff hiked in front and talked to my roommate, and I stayed at the back and talked to a different guy.

And another time, Marshall had wanted to send me a flower but he wasn't able to bring it to me himself, so he asked Geoff to deliver it. So Geoff went to the flower shop, bought the flower and filled out the card, and delivered it to my apartment, on behalf of Marshall.

Anyway, just a few stories from the early phase. I would not in a million years have thought we'd be married. If we were meant to be, I think God all but had to scream at us before we got the picture, HELLOOOO, WAKE UP ALREADY YOU DUMMIES!! Eventually we did see the light, with a little help from Dantzel. :) Thanks Dantzel. (And that's a whole 'nother post)

On another note, life is CRAZY right now, but I love it! At least, the work part of it. The school part can kiss it. It's going to be another four semesters for me, if I keep doing 30 credits/yr without having any dumb scheduling hangups. Poooooooooooooo. After class I decided to go splurge and went shoe shopping. Got some silver flats and some blue lacey stilletos. Are they sexy? Yes. Do I have anything to wear them with? No. Do I care? No.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Well, we know he didn't marry me for my cooking skills

We had my family over for a barbeque on the 4th of July. It was planning out to be awesome, Geoff got giant burgers and dogs, mom was brining two of her delicious salads, and we were going to grill pineapple, to top it off. (and it WAS fun too, just to have my family over.) I wanted to make a dessert that would be festive enough to go along with it. I got the recipe from here, and it looked easy enough.

Attempted product:

Actual product:
It would've worked had the red jello not solidified before I could pour it on the top, and had the crust not fallen apart the second I unwrapped it. Well, first time's a first time. You have to ask how to make frosting at least once, right?

After the barbeque, we went to the Bees game with my family. Baseball for me is fun until about the 5th inning, then it starts to move verrrryyyy sloowwwwwlyyyyy. But we had some fun drunk people behind us that kept us entertained, (the one guy spent more time running back and forth to concessions for more beer than he did actually watching the game), and Al and Danielle and I had some fun goofing around. I will miss my sister when she's gone. (But it's a happy "gone!") :)

In other news, I think my subtle mental re-dedication to church landed me a shiny new calling: that of Primary Secretary. I was scared to death of getting a teaching calling or a very involved calling, so at least it wasn't one of those. I suck at teaching and simply can't do a calling that requires my presence, time, or attention during the week... when school is over that will be much easier. Anyway, this one shouldn't be too hard. I haven't been in primary since age 12, but there are less than ten kids in our primary so it's not too overwhelming. I didn't immediately jump with excitement at the idea of being there, but the kids are cute, I have to admit. The one that said the opening prayer today thanked God for Cheetos. It was so funny.

--Just a moment to think about our troops on this holiday. It was brought home to me again today with all of the people who stood up to bear testimony who talked about their sons, brothers, and cousins who are overseas. I am thankful to have a fun, happy holiday without fear because of their sacrifices. Major sacrifices. I pray for their safe and swift return, and may God be with them.--

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Conversations of drunk people, just before they break into song

Guy talking to another male colleague about their female supervisor:

"All's you have to do is show her what you're made of, give her some respect, give her some loves, and what is she gonna give you?"


"No, not sex. Loves, man. Loooooveess."

Overheard at the ballpark

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lessons for life and other such nonsense

Yesterday UVSC had a huge celebration. And why? Because it's not UVSC anymore!!


Of course, it never would've occurred to me to celebrate, but there you have it. I would've liked to go to the concert at the ball field, but I was forced to listen to the thumping base from inside a classroom, over the lecturer's voice. Damn school! But after class was over, we walked outside to a rooftop balcony and looked down and they were just getting set up for a fireworks show. I called Geoff to come watch the fireworks with me from the roof so he walked all the way over. (He walks to school occasionally). The fireworks were supposed to start at ten, and we sat there until 10:20 then came home. We can see them from our condo, anyway.

Tonight I was on the phone with my dad, talking about a post he wrote and about the economy. I wanted to get his take on things that were happening. I was walking around a gas station, when suddenly I realized my shirt was on inside out. Woops. Here I was talking on the phone with dad and I had failed to heed his infinite words of wisdom: "One thing you always want to do before you go out is make sure your shirt isn't inside out." Life lessons apparently not learned, BUT you do what you got to do. eh? eh?

Geoff has managed to de-junk and de-clutter this place. He has sold a number of things, good things, but useless to us, on craigslist. He bought a paper-shredder and got rid of all the useless mail-stuff that was scattered in the corner of the kitchen counter and table. I have to say, when you walk in here, it is like a breath of fresh air. I LOVE open space!

Also, today was NUMBERS day at work. Ahhhhh I dread dread dread having to stand up and give numbers. But, I do believe that speech class has helped me out a little bit. I was much less nervous, And at the end my boss complimented me on doing a good job in my research of the tax-software, which was pretty awesome. Also, went to lunch with two of my favorite co-workers and it was very fun. We went to a little cuban restaurant in Lindon. The service was pretty poor but the food was yummy. I love fried bananas, they are delicious.