Saturday, May 31, 2008

A conversation that took place between Geoff and Cali, in the Stanley home, 3:00 p.m., Saturday:

The TV is on and Geoff and Cali are watching a baseball game. Cali is remarking how cute some of the players are, Geoff is explaining the difference between the American League and the National League. Suddenly, Geoff gets an idea.

Geoff: (Wishfully) When basketball season starts again, we should get a big plasma screen and satellite service, and surrround sound, so we can watch ALL of the games. Because we won't be able to use this TV anymore, you know.

Cali: Psh. Why wait? We could buy one today if we wanted to.


Cali: Geoff?

The door slams and Geoff is gone.

I guess we'll see what he comes home with.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I love my job! We had a three-hour meeting today for the new software, which was specifically for the accounting folk. Interesting and informative; it will be a lot of work in the next few months but I'm feelin' up to the challenge. They pushed the "going-live" deadline back to August, so that will help with practicing and checking things out. But I just love being able to work with everyone - the managers, my co-workers... since I'm the only the does my specific job, there will be some training that involves just me. And the new software package for taxes that they are considering (I posted about it a few weeks ago), the owner said if/when that clears up a bunch of my time then I can start helping the controller more, which would be so awesome. Anyway, I just left today feeling really good and excited about everything that's going on. It's fun to be a part of it.

Shifting gears a little - in speech class, my score was 83. Poo. Almost all of the marks on my grade sheet said the speech was good, but it was too quiet! Too quiet, too quiet, too quiet. I've always been quiet, will always be quiet, and will never be a natural speaker, it is simply not a strength. Unfortunately, it is a SPEECH class, and the only thing to do is roll with it. (Roll with it baby!) Generals are dumb.

As finkter sez what?

Today I ate a Snickers. This is what it said on the inside of the wrapper:

"Nougatocity:[dictionary pronounciation which I am unable to reproduce here] (noun). A heightened yet fleeting state of accomplishment that makes you realize how unbelievably unmotivated you normally are."

I'm not sure I get it...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beauty and the Geek

Tonight class got out an hour early (yay!), so I came home and watched a half hour of Beauty and the Geek. And you know what? I think they're all fakin'. Is it really possible for men of such incredible IQ to be so hygenically lacking? Or for any girl, no matter what her looks, to be so dumb? Doubt it. Although I did learn that IQ only measures 5 or 6 percent of your brain. Oh well, whatever.

"HA HA ha ha ha!! So funny! Ha ha ha...."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Today, Geoff and I sat on the couch, eating lunch, and Wally was up on the window sill looking out. (He loves it when we crack the windows open; he sits in front of them for hours). Today there was a bird outside that was chirping in short, fast, staccato-like chirps. Well Wally started to mimic the sounds the bird was making, and Geoff and I looked at each other in amazement. It lasted about one minute; every time the bird did its chirp, Wally would mimic it exactly, and back and forth they went. I wish I could've recorded it, but I didn't want to jump up and break his focus and make him stop. It was pretty surprising that he showed enough intelligence and ability to mimic the bird.

Also, today he decided that my lap was his favorite place to sit - three times he jumped up on me while I was trying to read a textbook, and even fell asleep there for awhile. It was cute.

On the grosser side of things, he has been puking an awful lot the last few weeks. We have a fake plant that he likes to eat, and every single dang time he eats it, it makes him throw up. We've moved the plant to the bedroom, and we generally try to keep him out of the bedroom, but somehow, somewhere, he is finding bits and pieces of it. I used to have a bundle of stuff that I used to make the fake plant-thing that was sitting on the floor of the closet in the 2nd bedroom, and it turned out that he had found that and was eating that. But I moved that to a top shelf, and he's still getting sick. It's pretty nasty; and today I even got a little impatient and frustrated about it... I mean really. You'd think he'd learn that whatever he's eating is bad for him and makes him sick. Thankfully for me, Geoff is the brave one that cleans it up - I simply can't do it. It's freakin gross.

Anyway, and there's my update on the cat. Most people post about their kids, well, for now it's a cat.

Hubby and I had a most wonderful weekend. Park City was awesome. We really, really enjoyed it. And all we did was go out to dinner in the 'old main-street' part of town, then we went back to the condo and flipped through the satellite tv channels (a novelty for us), made a midnight grocery-store run, and go to bed. The next morning we cooked breakfast, went shopping at the outlets (we always like to stop in Furburbia, the pet adoption center), went to the clubhouse hottub/swimming pool, then cleaned everything up and came home around six. It was very very relaxing. And the nice thing was that we had a whole extra day this weekend to get things done (I just tried to spell the word "done" as "dun"... duhhhhhh).

Anyway - I love my husband so much. He shows endless patience and total unselfishness in putting me first all the time. I definately married up. He is my sweetheart.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Park Citay

Just met with my group to prepare for our marketing presentation. I feel much better about it now that we've gone over it some more; it was very productive. I sure don't like this class, but I do like my group; we actually had some fun tonight. Every semester I start out hating it, then I get to know people I wish I could continue acquaintance with after the semester ends.

And my cat is a skitzo. He keeps batting at things that aren't there... nutso.

AND... we are going to Park City tomorrow night; my aunt and uncle are letting us stay at their HUGE condo (it's more like a really big townhouse). We don't even have anything solid planned to do; we're just gonna chillax and kick around and do whatever we want. I am so dang pumped.
AND... it's a three-day weekend, yayyyyy!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Theory Day, Multiple intelligences

Today's theory day was that we each had to give a 5-10 minute report on what we have learned in the last seven theory days, how we have implemented it, and how it has made us a better employee/spouse/parent, etc.

Last month we talked about multiple intelligences. These are the intelligences defined:
Linguistic: articulate, language and thought flows comfortably
Logical & Mathematical: organization, direct, to the point
Musical: hums, whistles, rythm, tone, emotion
Spatial: visual, sees problem in dimensions
Bodily Kinesthetic : athletic, learn-by-doing, hands-on
Intrapersonal: more withdrawn, maybe shy, self-aware, introspective
Interpersonal: sales personality, good with people, communicative, empathy

And there are two more, which we mentioned but didn't focus on:
Natural: loves nature, loves hunting, animals
Existentialist: spiritual, philosophical

The intelligences I have personally identified with most areIntRApersonal, logical/mathematical, and musical. I can see how the logical/mathematical aspect applies to the job, but I have a harder time seeing how being intrapersonal and musical are of any use at the office.

The intelligences that I most definately am NOT are linguistic and spatial. (and I said spatial, not spacey). I mean I completely stumble over myself when called on in those meetings, I can't get the words to come out right, to represent my thoughts accurately, or to sound halfway intelligent. Whereas my boss (there are two bosses in that meeting with this quality, actually) is very quick and can speak up at the drop of a hat, get the sentences to flow, and not only make sense but be insightful. I just can't do that and it's kind of embarrassing sometimes. As for being spatial, that is the reason that we always bring our problems to him, because he is always able to see many sides of it and finds additional things to consider, whereas my thoughts on things are always so black and white. Yes, my boss is pretty much a great example of everything up there.

Well, part of talking about different strengths was to point out that everyone has different ones, and they are best when used. (duh). The instinctive thing when talking about strengths and weaknesses is to find what you're weak at and then say, "that is what I need to work on." However, as we learn in the meeting, what you actually need to do is find your strengths and make them better, and don't worry about your weaknesses.

Someone once told a story about a group of animals; the bird was good at soaring, the cheeta was good at running, the lion was good at roaring, etc. etc. Well one day they all looked at themselves, and the bird realized that it wasn't very good at roaring and needed to work on that, and the cheeta realized it wasn't very good at soaring and needed to work on that, etc. etc. Well, eventually, the bird got so wrapped up in practicing it's roar that it forgot how to soar. And the cheeta had been working on soaring for so long that it lost it's running skills, etc. etc. You see where this is going. (I am not a good storyteller but you get the drift). You see, working on our strengths is where our focus needs to be, and by making the strong things stronger, the weak things are automatically lifted up as well. (And as a manager, or a parent, spouse, etc., realizing that other people have specific strengths helps us to understand them a little better, and perhaps to help them utilize their strengths.) But if we send a message to other people that says, "if you don't perform in the areas that I care about, you're worthless," we are teaching them learned helplessness and they will quit trying.

Anyway. Aside from my boss, who is perfect, I have realized that it's okay that being linguistic just isn't one of my strengths. It's unfortunate that my weakness has to be showcased to everyone else in the meeting, but I am no longer going to let that bother me. My locus of control is internal, baby! (A theory day subject for another post...)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Little Sahara

Well we survived our first married camping trip, yay! Actually, it was pretty easy camping because my parents brought all the food, water, and four-wheelers, and there were bathrooms with running water not too far away... but still. We brought our own tent and slept outside on the ground... gotta start somewhere right? I'm totally sore now and I'm not sure if it was from the long ride (ATVs) or from sleeping on the ground. But it was a lot of fun.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

You were expecting a friend??

Just as I finished posting that last post, there was a knock at the door. Seeing as how I'm still in my pj's and not expecting any company, I didn't intend to answer it. Then whoever it was knocked again and yelled, "it's us! Open up!", then proceeded to ring the doorbell about eight times in a row. I ran to the door and peeked out, and saw a girl and a guy standing there with food in their hands, and the girl said, "they're not going to answer it," and rolled her eyes. Thinking they might feel stupid, I opened the door and poked my head out. When she saw me and realized their mistake, she said, "oh I'm sorry! We thought you were our friends!" Then they left. Geez. If they really were here to see me, I probably wouldn't answer the door either.
Yesterday was awesome. Went for a massage at 9, at a lady's house in Lehi. She was amazing, and she used hot rocks which I liked. She really got down on my neck, which has been hurting for months. If I can, I'll go back regularly.

After the massage I went to work for a few hours, then Geoff and I went to a shop in Draper, called "Pirate O's". A co-worker told me about it; they have all kinds of food and candy from other countries. They had stroop waffles, which previously I'd only been able to find at the Dutch Store (which is clear up in Sugarhouse), and they had those German chocolate eggs that are hollow and have toys in them. So we bought those things, some de-alcoholized wine, and some more chocolate. One of the bars Geoff bought was super super dark, 85% cocoa. I don't know what percent cocoa regular dark is, but this chocolate bar tasted like a mouthful of pure baking cocoa, it was gross. The rest was good though, and it was fun to go somewhere new for a change. Then we came back home to watch movies, and blew up the air-matress, and found that the de-alcoholized wine actually had a cork in it (we were expecting more like Martinelli's, which only has the cap). We couldn't get the cork out so we went back to Wal-Mart to buy a cork-screw. By the time we got started on the movies it was past eight, so we only watched one and then went to bed. It was a great day though, totally relaxing.

Now today I have HOMEWORK HOMEWORK HOMEWORK. I will be so happy to be done with school.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I feel pretty good. You never know what the future holds in store, but I just have a feeling like whatever happens is supposed to happen and it will work out.

The reason I even got thinking about it was because I learned an interesting tidbit at work today. Nothing real big, and I'm not really worried. We haven't really begun to dive into the accounting processes in the new software yet, so it didn't come up until today, when I asked about how to create some specific reports. There is a software package they are considering buying that would take care of the payroll taxes - which would pretty much take away a large chunk of my responsibilities, although to what extent I'm not sure. It would be really great for the company to do that, I think. If it really takes away much of what I do, and it may or may not, then they would probably either give me different responsibilities or let me go.

If it ever comes down to it, I like to think that they'd keep me, but you have to make the best decision for the business too and I understand that. It would probably break my heart to leave such a great company, but I know I'd land on my feet and be fine. Anyhow, this thinking is pretty premature, I will just enjoy and appreciate it while I've got it; and it may just be a long time before I go anywhere.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I laughed and laughed

... either that or I'm just way tired.
Overheard in the Office...

1PM Have You Ever Seen a Horse Slip on a Banana Peel? Disaster
Office peon on phone: ... It's almost like you're putting the monkey before the horse.

S. Lima StreetEnglewood, Colorado

4PM Unless He Hits the Cancer Jackpot
Health care counselor, advising another about a caller: Well, unless he has AIDS or MS, he's out of luck.

Metrocenter Boulevard
Nashville, Tennessee
Overheard by: happyhealthworker

2PM But the Boss Keeps Yelling at Me to Take the Clothespins Off My Face
CSR on the phone: At first it was a bad pain, and now it's like a good pain, like I can take it a little more now.

Graphics Drive
White Plains, New York
Overheard by: The Mole
(some of it is off-color; fair warning)

Bang bang!

I am such a nerd. I am constantly running my mouth, telling people how much I LOVE my work... and I'm sure they're thinking "uh huh, wow... gee that's really great... zzzzzzzzzz" (the zz's mean snore). Anyway today was funny. In I walk, and what is sitting on my desk but an Air Zone Scorpion Bow, complete with six foam arrows that "soar up to 40 feet"! Everyone got some kind of foam-dart gun (week five of new software - they've done something cute for us each week so far) and boy it was a stress relief. People warred all day. I shot the owner in the face with mine. It was an accident that it hit his face, but he came into my room, gun first, and there I was, staring down a loadel barrel, what was I supposed to do... it's a good thing he's a good sport.

The "numbers" meeting went okay. The coach guy called on me first so there I went. I said "um" way too much, and after it was over I thought of a few things that I could've said better, but it was the best I could do under the pressure of being stared at. So I suppose it went okay.

One of my classes this semester is Marketing. The teacher is a funny little dude. He's from India, although he's much easier to understand than the last Indian teacher, and he just talks and talks and talks about his Ph.D... he's so proud of himself for getting his Ph.D. He's also working on a research paper for a Marketing journal, and throughout the lecture he kept referring to his paper and explaining about "his paper", and he'd pull it up on the screen and then scroll alllllll the way through it to get to a certain page (it's 50-something pages long, and instead of just grabbing the scroll bar and moving it down, he clicks on the little arrow and lets all the pages move past one by one) He asked us to show by raise of hands who planned on going for a Master's degree. Then out of those, who planned on going for a Ph.D. Then he said that you can only teach at a university if you have a Ph.D... and even then you have to do research. He just forgot to ask how many of us were actually interested in being a professor. We did cover a lot of material though, and he's pretty nice, I guess it just keeps it interesting to watch him brag about himself. He seems like one of those that would be very political, or would "play favorites" as far as grades go; and just because he can. I guess that remains to be seen though.

For my other class, I have to write a speech. It's only informational, and it only needs to be about 5 minutes long, so it should be a piece of cake. However I just CAN'T THINK OF A TOPIC! It can be about anything in the world and I'm stumped. Perhaps on how to run a payroll. I'd like it to be somewhat entertaining, or at the very least interesting.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I heard a quote, and it goes like this:

Speaking to a group of graduates: "Congratulations. You have worked your whole life to get to the point where you can work your whole life."

Seems kind of depressing when you think of it that way.

I've realized I've got about a six-month span of time that I can be content with any one thing. There are some exceptions of course, namely husband. But everything else - hair, clothes, house we're in, classes, ward, even jobs. I am totally happy in the one I've got now, I just mean that a couple times a year for a couple of weeks I get a little depressed and bored and restless of the routine, then I get over it and I'm fine... for another six months or so.

I realize I probably sound like a psycho. I'm not one. But I do wonder what the six-month significance is. Maybe it's just a need for a little bit of change every now and then.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Like I Said... S-M-R-T

Locked my keys in the trunk of my car, only didn't realize it until I'd back-tracked all over Provo and torn the house apart. Cop had to come let me in. These genes run in the family.

Stick 'em up, granny

I guess it's possible even for dear sweet old ladies to get into mischief now and then. A few days ago I went down to Spanish to visit my grandma and her husband Donald. While there, she told me she'd had the cops sent after her while she was playing bridge at the senior center.

She works at the temple with a couple of friends bright and early every Monday morning, and one particular morning, while it was still dark outside, she went to back out of her parking spot and accidentally went forward instead, hitting a large pole. They got out to inspect the car and the pole and couldn't see that it had done much damage, if any. They tried to walk all the way back up to the temple entrance to tell somebody but the doors were locked, so they just went home. Once home, she tried to call someone at the temple to tell them about it, however no one answered the phone, so she just let it go.

A couple days later she got a phone call from temple security, telling her that she could go to jail for not reporting what happened. (How they knew it was her, I don't know. Perhaps they have surveillance cameras). He said that the pole was bent clear over and it needed to be fixed, and reiterated that she could go to jail for not reporting it. She apologized, but didn't believe she had caused that much damage, so she went to check it out. Sure enough, the pole was bent clear over and the cement that held it was cracked open. So she began calling the insurance company, which is on the east coast, and it just took her forever to get someone on the phone who would actually help her.

It was that night at bridge that two policmen came walking into the senior center to find grandma. Luckily, she had actually taught one of the men in sunday school or something and knew him well, so all that happened was they sat there and chatted for awhile. No arrests. Donald said he just wanted to wrangle the temple security guy's neck for being such a jerk. Grandma admits her wrong; however, Donald thinks it was an honest mistake and since she is fixing the problem, the guy needs to lay off.

This weekend we watched the movie Enchanted. I kind of tricked Geoff into watching it with me by not telling him that it's kind of a musical. But he actually enjoyed it, and I thought it was cute. We also watched I Am Legend, which was okay. I have actually read the book, and the only thing they took from the book was the idea that one man, immune to what happened around him, must barricade himself inside at night in order to survive. Everything else about it was completely different. I had kind of hoped it would be about vampires, but it's okay.

My stomach is already in knots about our "inspriational" human-performace meeting on Tuesday. It's numbers week, and a few people must stand and give their numbers for the past month. I have prepared my numbers already, but I just hate being put on the spot... there are enough other things to worry about. Oh well, I am not the most elegant person when put on the spot, and speaking in front of people, but you do what you can.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Friday, May 2, 2008

I am here to announce that the cat and I are no longer friends. He avoids me at all costs, and I him. If only he were a dog. If only we had a house fit for a dog.

My blog is lame. I'm not fishing for compliments so please don't, I just realized how really really lame of a blogger I am. Ha ha.

Almost, almost made the million dollar mistake yesterday. I am so so so so lucky it all worked out. Probably lost ten pounds from having my heart pound out of my chest all day. Will never do that again, ever.

Got stood up last night too. Oh well I can't say I felt too bad about it; I was so tired I actually konked out on the couch right after getting home from class.

I'm so blessed. I have the greatest husband, I love my job, etc. etc. I was thinking the other day about how some parts of the world, even some parts of the country, it is actually not just the standard thing for people to get a highschool education and move on to higher things, be what they may, and people have to make money to survive by doing less than wholesome things. By many standards, this life is priviledged.