Sunday, June 29, 2008


For the last two nights I've had dreams about snakes. Yucky, thick, long, disgusting snakes. I was scared of them, but in both dreams I was trying to capture and get rid of them. According to this website, this is the interpretation:


To see a snake or be bitten by one in your dream, signifies hidden fears and worries that are threatening you. Your dream may be alerting you to something in your waking life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced. The snake may also be seen as phallic and thus symbolize dangerous and forbidden sexuality. The snake may also refer to a person around you who is callous, ruthless, and can't be trusted. As a positive symbol, snakes represent transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive changes.

Also, when taking a nap today, I dreamed there were two litters of puppies at my parents' house. There were three black mini-schnauzers and three yellow lab puppies. When they weren't out running around, they were being kept in coolers with stuffed animals and ice, and I was worried they would freeze to death so I was trying to take care of them. Here's the interpretation for puppies:


To see a puppy in your dream, symbolizes your playfulness and carefree nature. It also represents a blossoming friendship or that your friendships will grow stronger.

To see a litter of newborn puppies in your dream, is indicative of the amount of time that an idea has been developing or will take to develop. Look to the number of puppies to give you that approximate amount of time.

To dream that you are taking care of some puppies, indicates that you are a trustworthy and loyal friend especially in difficult times.

I don't know how much stock I give to dreams or their "interpretations", but it's fun nonetheless.

Love weekends

So I don't know what's gotten into Geoff in the last couple days. He has decided that the house is a mess, and is cleaning cleaning cleaning. He does a lot, if not most of the cleaning lately, but this is unusual. He organized both hallway closets, organized the bookcase behind the front door, has gotten the laundry pile down to a few small loads (and he's folded and put it all away!), and everytime a dirty dish just happens into the kitchen sink, I turn around and it's gone. Like that. I AM NOT COMPLAINING, however. He's so stinkin' cute.

Friday night we went to the premier of Wall-E at Thanksgiving Point. My work rented out an entire theater and we all got to bring our families. They even gave us popcorn, treats, and beverages to boot. It was a cute movie.

Yesterday Alison and I went shopping. I am so going to miss having someone to go shopping with on Saturdays just because, who walks around the mall as fast as I do without asking what the hurry is, and always convinces me to "just buy them both." Sometime soon it will be sister missionary shopping. :) Also, she inspired me to make Muddy Buddies this weekend. Mmmmm.

So aside from putting off homework, again, Geoff and I have been watching a movie my dad let us borrow called "Into the West." I am not much for westerns, but this series is pretty awesome. It's about a guy who leaves his family in Virginia at a young age and follows trapper Jedediah Smith. It also follows the stories of an indian tribe called Lakota, and how their stories intertwine. It's very interesting.

Friday, June 27, 2008

A God-send or a Flaxen Chord?

Folks, I think I'm addicted.

It's allergy season, you know? I was only using it at night, right before bed, when the sinuses closed off. But then I started needing it during the day, too. I realized this wasn't good, so I willingly suffered through a day of clogged nose until it learned to clear itself again, to make sure it wasn't forming a habit.

But, that didn't last long, and I was quickly back to using it at night. I can't stand a stuffy nose. I get agitated and anxious, and as soon as spray the stuff, I can breath a sigh of relief and all is right with the world. My dependence on the stuff manifested itself yesterday, at work, when I got all clogged and went fishing through my purse for the nose drops. I couldn't find them, and immediately went into a panic. Brief visions of going AWAL passed through my mind, giving it all up to find the nearest Afrin-dealer as soon as possible, when my fingers closed around the hard, smooth, oval-shape of the bottle. Soon after using I was able to breath again.

Then last night, I tossed and turned in bed, dreaming of nasal spray, with an increased frustration mounting in my chest at not being able to clear my sinuses. It was enough to wake me at four in the morning, when I decided to use again, and within five minutes all the pain was gone.

People, these things are awful. And wonderful. They cause a lot of nose-bleeds, but I can't focus, can't eat, can't work, can't sleep, unless the sinuses are clear. My nose is quickly losing its ability to take care of itself.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why I love this feline





It's a good thing I know he's there or I'd probably step on him.

My cheerleader

In our human performance meeting today our instructor said something, and it was totally off-topic for the day, but he said that throughout our lives there will be a rare few people who are our true cheerleaders... okay I guess it was on-topic - We had a theory day about priming. Interesting that people in the world tend to be like crabs in a bucket, heaven forbid that one should get away so they pull each other back down ("getting out of the bucket" means happiness and/or success or anything really good), but that there will be just a few people in your life who are your true cheerleaders, who are always rooting for you and truly encouraging you. I feel I have had many cheerleaders in my life, but the most immediate one that came to mind was my mom. Even just reading back through the comments on this blog, everything she says is uplifting and encouraging. I don't give her enough credit for being a great mom. Love you mom.

Monday, June 23, 2008

So the earth is round, huh?

When I got home from class tonight my baby was in bed, had gone to bed sick. He's felt sick a lot in the last few months. I'm sure he probably just needs to get lots of good solid sleep. I brought him a coke for his tummy; I hope he feels better soon.

We have a class together this semester; probably the one and only. It is Business Statistics. I had always wanted to take a class together but he'd been afraid we'd be too competetive and fight all the time. But that was a long time ago. This is going to work out I think, we can help each other. Even though all we do is sit there and listen to lecture, it is nice to both be there.

Wally just crawled inside the guitar case. He's weird.

Tonight we learned about the equitorial and ecliptic planes, and the tilt of the earth, and the seasons, etc. Actually the lecture was about two hours long, but that is the jist after coming away from it. Interesting stuff; there is going to be a lot to wrap our heads around for sure.

Work was a little more stressful today; and not that it was bad, just a little more stressful. I'm kind of wiped out. I think I'll go join hubby in bed now. Goodnight!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chile, Rancagua

Little sis got her mission call. She is going to Rancagua, Chile. It's just south of and very close to Santiago. Yay! I'm excited for her. She's going to be speaking spanish, and it's going to be very cold, judging by the things they've told her to pack. (Winter boots, thermal underwear, etc.) So, that was happy. When she opened it, she jokingly said she was going to Boise, Idaho. (ha ha) She will be leaving for the MTC in October, then I think she'll probably be gone before Christmas. It's crazy! I can't believe I am old enough to have a little sister going on a mission.

It's been a busy weekend. Friday, we closed the office at ten, then went up to Lagoon for the company summer party. We had fun, but we came home early cuz we wanted to be there when Al opened her mission call. So we went down for that. Saturday we moved some furniture from Donald's house (grandma's husband) to our house, then went to lunch with my parents, then to a co-worker's wedding reception. Today was nice too. Besides church, we got a lot of cleaning done. Donald & grandma gave us Donald's old bedroom set, a dresser, a vanity, and a headboard. We don't have room for the whole bedroom set at our house so we posted an ad for the vanity and headboard, but boy did we need a new dresser. The one we had was older than me, and you couldn't open the drawers very far because the bottoms were falling out, and I think I have nailed that thing back together about three times. Anyway, we took it out to the dumpster tonight... I noticed the spot where I'd scratched my name into the white paint and wanted to hug it goodbye... weird. Anyway, it's nice to have a new one.

One thing for sure it has been soooo nice to not have any homework this weekend. Nothing hanging over my head. I just love love love spending time hanging out at home with hubby. It's so comfortable and relaxing. And now I should give him the computer so he can watch a movie while "ellipticizing." (our word for working out on the elliptical).

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Up through the atmosphere, up where the air is clear

Today I needed to speak with a terminated employee regarding a paycheck. However, the phone number we had to get a hold of him was his wife's cell phone number. This was our conversation:

Her: Hello?
Me: Hello, may I speak with Hal*? (name is changed)
Her: This is his wife, he's not here. her speech was very VERY slurred
Me: Okay, when is a good time to reach him?
Her: He's in the basement smokin' a cigarrette.
Me: Okay, may I speak with him?
Her: He's not he - why can't you talk to me? I'm his wife.
Me: Because payroll is confidential in nature, I can only speak with him.
Her: But I'm on the same insurance! It's my COBRA too.
Me: You need to speak with someone about COBRA?
Her: Yes
Me: Okay, I can help you with that. May I first speak briefly with Hal about his paycheck?
Her: He's not here.
Me: I thought you said he was in the basement smoking a cigarrette.
Her: No! He's not here. Why can't you speak with me? I'm his wife.

This went on in circles for about three straight minutes. Yeah. HIGH as a kite. I'm not dumb; I've seen Dr. Phil. I know what a person on crack sounds like when they talk.

Finally I figured the best thing to do would be to let her talk to someone about her COBRA, then call back later and hope to get Hal. When I put her on hold, she hung up.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gay Marriage: a new bind for church groups

I am disinclined to write my views on the subject at this time, for whatever reason. However, this was a very very interesting article. I'm not saying that this is good or bad, though it does seem we have mounted a "slippery slope." (A fallacy we discussed in a couple of classes).

Monday, June 16, 2008

An award thingy

So, I received something in the mail a couple of months ago, it was an "achievement award" from the school of business... for my associates degree which I completed almost a year ago. We were invited to an awards banquet something-or-other, which I was unable to attend to due being in class, so I politely declined. I thought, they probably give this to everyone who makes the deans list or whatever, and I felt kind of embarrassed for getting all worked up over a dumb associates degree. Today I found this, and on page five there is my name along with two other people who were given the award for the accounting area. I guess it was supposed to mean more than I thought... anyway, that was really nice of them. I'm not sure what I did to be honest cuz I happen to KNOW there are kids here with better grades than me. Anyway, that was kind of cool.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Whatever and ever, Amen

Well this headache has lasted all weekend... I think it might actually be a cold that is trying to decide whether to lay me out flat or not. If I'm going to be sick, then let me be sick enough to take a sick day, or sick half-day at least... I spent yesterday in bed flipping through channels... how nice it is to have TV in your bedroom! I've always been so against it, afraid it would detract from marital bonding time, but now that we have it, I think it is the greatest thing. There is nothing like watching Brad and Randy fight over their school paper articles while Tim Allen knocks a hole in the bathroom wall at 3 in the morning. Nothing.

Currently I am writing a persuasive speech which will be given tomorrow night, and it is about how everyone should have a blog. HA ha, lame. Generals are so lame. So Monday night is the final speech, then Tuesday and Wednesday are final exams, then Thursday new classes start. My little Sis is expecting her mission call this week (well, she was expecting it last week, so hopefully it will come this week for sure) and I hope I am able to make it down to SF to watch her open it. Today we went down for dinner (delish too might I say) for Father's Day and to wish Danielle a happy birthday.

Also, at work they've asked me to examine two different tax software packages (since I will be the one to use them, if we get one) and make a recommendation, and I'll be presenting my findings to them tomorrow too. I've made a little packet for each of my bosses... I hope it's not too over the top or dumb. They might just ask me to bypass the details and give them the end result anyway; but we will see.

And I know I mention this a lot, but I think I have the best hubby in the world. He is such a good man; I just love how he is there for me and takes care of me when I need it. He doesn't really understand my love for cuddling, but he does it anyway cuz he knows I like it. I hope I can keep him around forever!! Recently Brittany's blog talked about a book called "the proper care and feeding of husbands" by Dr. Laura, so I bought it for a dollar on Amazon. I know she has had three husbands or whatever but there might be some good stuff in there. (And now you know the truth Brittany, I am a blogstalker!!! har har har.) (And Dr. Laura is the one with three husbands, not Brittany.... not to be confused.)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Survey day

Today was supposed to be a "homework day." Instead it turned into a "lay around and sleep because of a headache day." Now I'm just putting off the trip to the grocery store, and I think I'll copy the survey thing that was on Brittney's blog.

- What high school did you go to? Spanish Fork High

- What was your school mascot? the Don

- What were your school colors? Red & Black

- Did you have school spirit? No, sometimes I wished I could've gone to PG

- Did you drive to school or ride the bus? Sophomore year: bus. The rest: drove

- What kind of car did you drive? First an oldsmobile, then a white '91 VW Fox... it would always break down on me if I went over 50 mph

- Did you ever skip? Almost every day, at least in my jr. year

- If so, where did you go on skip days? Home, to get a haircut, or to go shopping. Once I locked myself out of my car at Old Navy in Orem and Mom had to come rescue me.

- Ever have detention? Nope... wait... maybe. I don't remember.

- For what? I think I might've got caught sluffing... I really don't remember

- What did you think of freshman year? Freshman year is Jr. High for us Spanish Forkians, and it was the most miserable year ever.

- Was lunchtime fun? Yes

- Did you normally eat school lunch or bag lunch? Brought lunch, but school lunch became a coveted thing towards the end there

- Were you ever part of a food fight? No.

- Did you attend the pep rallies? Yes, I thought they were actually fun.

- Did you have a crush on anyone? At different times... Brad, Joe, Casey, Josh, Ryan, Jesse, Matt, Chris, Gregan. Mostly Gregan.

- Were you bullied by anyone? Nope.

- Did you play any sports? Nope, at least not after moving to SF

- Did you go to all the football games? I averaged about one per year.

- Were you friends with the cheerleaders? No

- Were you considered popular? I had friends in almost every group, and hung out with them at different times, but no

- Did you run for Homecoming or Prom King/Queen? Kenna nominated me once, but no

- Did you win any awards or superlatives? Just the honor roll.

- Were you involved in any clubs? The polka club. I think I went to about one meeting. And Student city council but that was a joke.

- What was your favorite subject? mmm I had a love/hate relationship with math. World history was fun.

- Who was your favorite teacher? Mr. Clarke... "unbelievable!!"

- Who was your least favorite teacher? Mr. Lunt... I think the best way to describe him is "premadonna"... socially dependent yet socially inept... although everybody kissed his fanny so he would put them in Acappella... that sort of thing bugs me (although it was a great precurser to real life, I must say)

- Who did you hang out with? It depends on the year. It went from the "relief society" group, (how lame that sounds), then it was McKenna, DeAnna, Katie

- Were you part of a clique? No, I don't think so... see above "friends in almost every group"

- Did you hang out with mostly guys or girls? My closest friends were girls, but if you're talking numbers then guys (this is how it remained until I got married)

- Was there anyone you absolutely could not stand? Mmmm yes.

- Who were you dating? Dated alot, but never singled it down

- What year did you graduate? 2002

- Where were the parties held? I had a few shin-digs at my house... my friends had a few shin-digs... wasn't much of a partier

- Who threw the best parties? ?

- Did you drink? No

- Did you smoke? No

- Aside from school, what were your weekends or evenings like? They were fun

- What is one of the best memories you have of high school? Once, a kid named Josh and I sluffed 5th period and snuck through the gate into the swimming pool and went swimming with our clothes on.

- What is one of the best high school party memories you have? Like I said, no parties. Well okay, one time we were sleeping over at Kristy's house (different Kristi than the one on my blogroll, although she might've been there, I don't remember). And we snuck off and went to a boy's house who was also having a "boy sleepover", and watched Rocky movies all night until one of their mothers saw us there at 4 in the morning and called everyone's moms. It was traumatic at the time, but now I laugh about it. Rocky movies. (and my parents didn't even care. My parents were awesome)

- Do you miss being in high school? Nope. Life now is so much more fun

- Did you ever fail a class or grade? No, I almost failed math one year, then retook it and got a B. And dropped out of AP Psychology. Other than that, it was A's.

- What grade was the most fun? Senior

- If you could, would you do it all again? I would only do it again if I could know the things I know now... otherwise no

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Okay, enough will being serious, here is something fun.

Which Disney Princess Are You?


You are bookish but incredibly pretty. Belle was first seen in

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Personality Test Results

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Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

Bell is my favorite, so this works for me. :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

From toil and sorrow

Geoff has been thinking a lot about life and death in the last week or so, when he said out of nowhere that it hit him like a ton of bricks - we are all going to die someday. Of course it's only logical, but I think the significance of this was that life is so dang short, and all of the working for promotions, working for degrees, buying houses, having babies, the suffering and pain and pleasure and joy of life... all of the things people do and are, we make ourselves so busy and it's all going to end in a few short years anyway. For Geoff, this has triggered an existentialist thought process, sort a "what's the point in all of this," and a "why not eat drink and be merry" type of thing. Although we all know he is a very hard worker, it is still something interesting to think about. (Here he would probably stop and pretend to be Peter from family guy going, "WHY?") Some choose to do things that would leave their mark on the world, some live their lives quietly in the background.

Yesterday there was a death that hit close to home, for someone far too young. Although we only saw them once or twice a year, my heart absolutely goes out to her family. I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through right now. I wouldn't feel it was my place to try and say things will be okay. But these things have driven something home to me: that it doesn't matter what the purpose of life is, the most important thing is to always make sure that the people I love know that I love them. Because life is too short, and you never know which end of the situation you will be in. My family are the most important thing to me, and the relationships and time with them should be treasured, every. single. day. (And maybe, to be smart, we'll get a couple life insurance policies.)

Of course it follows that I'm not perfect, but that doesn't mean it doesn't matter to me and that I'm not going to try to be better. My thoughts and prayers with the Aagard family.

Letting go

Thanks Kenna.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

One thing I think I got from my dad was a love for music. He introduced me to a few artists that I still listen to every now and then, even though our tastes mostly differ now. But I think if you ask people why they love it they will probably name a lot of the same things. Music can be so powerful; I feel that anyone who doesn't recognize the beauty of it is missing out on a wondrous part of life.

I heard one today that really touched me; it's in the playlist on the side over there - Healing Waters by Michelle Tumes. She's not an LDS artist, so it's not a typical-ish Kapp-Perry-type song. (I'll be honest, sometimes that stuff is not my favorite). This one I really really loved.

I've been thinking for the past couple of years about the church and my part in it. Lately I've wanted less to do with it than I care to admit; I would've rather not been bothered... I've struggled and I didn't really even care. I know I thought too much about things that didn't matter and got lazy, and I've been rebellious in my heart.

This is really personal, but like McKenna said, "since this is my blog I shouldn't be hesitant to write about it."

In the last month a few things have happened that have helped to change my attitude a little bit I think... I have been blessed to feel the spirit more than I have in a long long time... and I keep thinking, I'm so stupid... I've been missing out on this for so long... why wouldn't I want to have this in my life?

I'm not perfect, in fact I'm so weak and prone to be rebellious it is not even funny... traits that make me human I guess. I don't want to change who I am, but I want things to be different. I want it to mean something. And I also want to be a better example than I have been. I've taken so much for granted.

I've been blessed with so so much. I count a loving family, immediate and not-immediate, as my greatest blessing. Add the joy and peace that can come from the gospel and it is totally immeasurable to me. I am so humbled at how quick Heavenly Father is to let me feel his love, even after being as I have.

There I've totally borne my soul. You don't have to agree with me, but that's how I feel.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My next car

Next time I buy a car, it will be this one:

It's an Infiniti Coupe. It will be pearly-white, or cream or whatever the color is.

But first, I have to run this one into the ground:

I've had this one for 5 years, and never a problem (outisde of the rotors, which have been changed twice even though I'm not a real crazy driver). Yes, five good years, and no sign of slowing down. Who knew Chevy could make such a reliable car? (I better shut up now though or Murphy's Law will jump off his butt and land right in my face).

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I want to watch 27 Dresses.

In class today, our marketing professor halted the lecture to tell us about resumes, and what should be on a resume. This is what he said and I'm not kidding, it should go in this order:

1. Name, contact info.
2. Objective
3. Education/Qualifications
4. Awards/Honors
5. Experience - full/part time
6. Projects you have done that could benefit the org.
7. Presentations you've given
8. Service
9. Courses you've taken (that are relative)
10. Technical skills
11. Languages you speak
12. Affiliations
13. References

Yes, right around object six, me and the person sitting next to me started to shake our heads... this looks like a bunch of fluff to me... who is going to read a 10-page resume?? Of course, then he pulled his own resume up on the projector and scrolled through it, saying, "Oh, those are my publications, you guys won't be putting those in yours... oh, that's my teacher evaluation, you won't be putting that in yours... oh, my PhD advisor, you guys won't be putting that in yours..." etc. Then he proceded to talk about how the UVSC school of business is going down the proverbial crapper because none of the other professors are researchers like he is and that he wouldn't be surprised if the people who gave UVSC the 20 million dollar grant decide to take it right back, etc. etc.

We talked about it on the way out to our cars... we kind of gather that he isn't very well liked by other faculty very much, because he comes in, he's young, he's only had his degree for 3 years and has only ever had one job, and thinks he knows it all and that he's so much better than everyone. He thinks leaving to teach at a different school will be different for him, but I have to wonder if he won't be greeted with the same perception.

Anyway, only two more weeks of this class. Two more tests, a few more quizzes, and one paper, and we're outta there.

Let me tell you what else happened today. There I was, at work working, and Geoff calls. He got a voicemail from Direct Sat (The Direct TV satellite people), saying that my work address is a non-existent address, that they won't be able to deliver the equipment now until next week, and that the installation appointment that we had for today was cancelled.

Uhhhh, first of all, my work address is a perfectly "existent" address. And how do I know? Because I'm HERE! And I have a hard time believing the UPS guy couldn't find it because, uh, he comes every day. Second of all, our installation appointment was NOT scheduled for today, it was scheduled for Saturday, so what the h*ll are they talking about?

For some reason this made me so mad, so I called them up, spoke with my service rep, and guess what she said to me. "We've been TRYING to reach you. Why didn't you call us when you realized your equipment never arrived?"

I think I blew a gasket. Most of the time I'm a pretty calm person, but I could feel my face get hot and I was hopping mad, I could feel myself shaking. "What do you MEAN why didn't I call you?" I yelled. "I was told it would take 3-5 business days to arrive. Today is day four. It could still come today. It could come tomorrow!" I could not believe she was trying to blame ME for the situation. This, along with waiting two weeks for service, was not what I paid for.

"It was just a question, mam."

I asked them to overnight the equipment so that it could be here tomorrow, and so we could still have the installation guy come this Saturday, as planned. She said they couldn't do that. She rescheduled our delivery and set our installation back another full week. I came home for lunch, yelled and screamed a little bit, then called them back up and cancelled our service. Then I called up Dish Network and signed up with them. It is a little bit more expensive than the DirectTV introductory price, but we get to have it on two TVs, and it includes a DVR system, and we get more channels, and he waived the processing fee and the activation fee for me, and they haven't had a price raise in 7 years. (They might in Feb., but I'm not worried about it). And they don't have to ship equipment to me so there's no dumb shipping fee, and they are coming in just TWO DAYS to install everything.

Good heck, we should've gone with them in the first place. Of course, Geoff is skeptical because it hasn't happened yet, and after today I can't really disagree with him anymore. But really, do you really treat your customers that way and expect to keep them? I don't think so.

Now that I think back on it, I don't know why I got sooooo mad like I did; certainly there are better things to have a cow about, if have a cow you must. I think it scared Geoff a little bit because he's never seen me like that before. In the middle of it, he did make me lunch... without me asking or saying I was hungry or anything, he just put a plate of food in front of me. What a sweet gesture of him, especially when I'm acting all crazy, he's such a sweetheart. Maybe it was just a culmination of a stressful week, or if I'm tired of jumping through other people's hoops, and being treated like an ass-wipe just didn't help, I guess.

For some reason I just had a mental picture of an old schoolmate from high school, standing behind a pulpit and speaking into a microphone, referring to himself as a dandelion that's been smashed up, and stepped on and, smeared, all over the sidewalk. Random. (DeAnna might recognize it if I told her who it was, but I don't want to put his name all over my blog, cuz, that's weird.)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Figured out how to change a youtube video clip into a file format that can be saved and burned onto a DVD, it's called! So thanks for any suggestions though. So now I am all set for my speech tonight. And last night's presentation went very well. It's really great having a new TV and all, except we (or at least I) haven't really been able to watch it much yet because of all the homework! Oh well, there is a game on Sunday night, and we are looking forward to settling in and enjoying that.

This is our breakroom at work, and they just installed that yesterday. The boss is working very hard to keep the employees happy during their stressful time (new software). The funny thing is, one of the payroll ladies mentioned to him, off-handedly and partially as a joke, that we should get a fountain machine in the kitchen. Six months later, there it is. Nuts, but I'm not complaining at all.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Please don't mind the video below. I'm trying to figure out how to get it into a file format that can be burned to a DVD. (It's for a class). The only thing I can figure out how to do is move the link around. Can't do a link though because we don't have the internet in our classroom, but we do have a DVD player. Any ideas??? Help is very appreciated!!!

Well, we actually did it.

Whew. A little crazy. I made it sound like an impulse buy in that last post, but actually Geoff ended up doing his homework on it. (made phone calls, looked for reviews on the internet, talked to some different sales people). We actually had decided just to get satellite service and buy a newer TV that wasn't a flatscreen... this is because the one we've got is old, it's missing the power button, so if you ever lose the remote control and want to turn on the TV, you have to stick a pencil inside where the power button was and wiggle it around until the TV comes on... anyway we figured it was time for a new one, but didn't want to blow our money on an LCD big-screen if we didn't need one. So, we went ahead and signed up for satellite, then went to look for a newer-but-older TV model, and couldn't find one! Even Wal-mart didn't have any! Well, they had a couple of dumpy ones, but they were almost dumpier than the one we had. So we figured, eh, okay. We might as well go back and get the one we looked at the first time.

For anyone who thinks we are being stupid - this decision comes after we have decided NOT to buy another house/condo/townhome/whatever. We've decided to stick with our one little mortgage and finish school before taking that next step. So everything we've saved for a down-payment is just sitting there, and we decided to do this one thing for ourselves... so a house vs a new TV... this one seems much more fiscally feasable. And HEY! Now there will actually be something for Mike to watch when he comes to visit and we're off at work and school... no more fidgeting with the rabbit ears and settling for FOX because it's the only thing that comes in with clear reception... yayyyyyyyy. (No offense to FOX, I like FOX, really I do).

ANYWAY - in class tonight, one girl did her speech on phlebotomy/bloodletting. After explaining everything, she actually inserted an IV into her oh-so-brave little sister, right in front of everybody. It was kind of intense as far as class speeches go.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I have been a world-class procrastinator this weekend.