Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The retirement of this blog

It's been a few weeks since I've blogged... a lot has happened, mainly that we've gone through separation and divorce - the papers were filed this afternoon.  Of course, I am devastated.  It has been a rough couple of weeks, and that's an understatement.  We've been trying really hard to make it work for some years now, and it is just not going to happen.  But the bright side is, that he remains my best friend, and I his, and for that I am grateful.

Clearly, this must needs be the end of "geoffandcali.blogspot.com."  I'm sure I'll start another blog at some point, but I'm going to take a break for awhile until I get some things figured out, like what to do with my life next, and hopefully get settled into something before too long.  I've been counciled to put my trust in God, so, I'm trying to figure out just what that means, and do it.  Right now I'm just trying to trust that things will turn out okay eventually.  I think they will.

Loves to everyone.