Sunday, May 15, 2011

I knew it

Freakin a. So remember that i wrote about how the ppl that lived upstairs left the country cuz their visas didn't go through?

Well, Geoff and I were in the computer room just now, talking about something, when we heard a heavy footstep and some movement come from the room above. We've been hearing it for a couple of days. In fact, the floppy dog barked her head off for a good forty five minutes this morning when we kenneled her, and Geoff was afraid that she would wake the people upstairs because he thought he'd heard them the night before. But no one has moved in.

So just now, when we heard these sounds, we looked at each other and I ran outside to see if any of the lights were on, you know, if someone was looking at the place. (Not likely at 11pm on Sunday night, but to each their own.) NO LIGHTS WERE ON. NOT ONE. No movement, nothing. We even went around to check the back of the building. I am telling you, there is something here. Not that it's always in our apartment, that we know of, but I have suspected for a long time. I hope our renters aren't afraid of ghosts, he he he. (that is, if it doesn't sell.)

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