Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy birthday Geoff

Today is Geoff's 29th birthday! Happy birthday Geoff! He opened his present from me last night, he hates waiting to open presents. I got him some nice flop flops, an Ernest movie series, and a cheapo wristwatch (he wanted a cheap one, I swear!) to wear while running. Today I made dinner and birthday cookies. Mom and dad broke into our apt to drop off a gift while we were at church. (They gave him a nice shirt and a cake that I have eaten most of.) Oh and he got a card from my grandma too. And then we've basically been hanging out, home/visiting teaching, and taking care of the doggies.

We used google earth to look up our new apt building in New York. We discovered that it's the same building as that Che Bella's pizza place we ate at! How fun! It was fun looking at the streets and seeing what else is within walking distance. We think that we'll be attending church at the Manhattan Temple- there's a chapel there. How cool!

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NaDell said...

Sounds like a great birthday. It's nice to have it calm once in a while.
Super exciting that you get to go to church at the Temple! You will have such an adventure.