Monday, May 16, 2011

I need dog diapers

Roxy?  How about Rocks for Brains.  We've had her since Friday; it's now Monday.  I'm sure that her new family will love her, and I'm really sorry, but the combination of big, dumb, and unhousetrained is becoming a little much for me.  I have cleaned up SO much pee in the last couple of days.  Just now I went to the gym, thought I could leave them out since they had just been outside playing and peeing and were exhausted, and I was gone for less than two hours and I came home to seriously a lake of pee on the kitchen floor.  Rocks for Brains is becoming afraid of me because I yell at her so much.  I'm taking the water away, the couch privileges away, and from now on, if no one is home with them, it's in the kennel they go.  And I love Gwennie to pieces, but I've been getting mad at her too because she's starting to act out, on account of not being an only dog anymore, I suppose.  Now I've got to shower and I think I have to put Rocks for Brains in the kennel so she doesn't pee some more.  I wish I could put diapers on her.

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