Saturday, May 14, 2011

The floppy dog

Roxy is the most hilarious dog ever.  We think she's not all there, mentally.  I mean, even our old cocker-spaniel, Reggie, wasn't this dumb.  But she's very entertaining.  When she wants to get off the couch, she doesn't jump off like a normal dog would, she just kind of goes limp and falls off.  When we take her for walks, she follows very close behind you, often bumping into you; she's not coordinated at all... come to think of it, maybe falling off the couch really is her best option.  I scolded her for peeing on the kitchen tile- I don't think she even knows what the concept of scolding is.  It didn't seem to phase her at all.  And she loves to be picked up - which is hard to do considering her size, but Geoff does it and she just melts into him.  I should video that, it's pretty funny.

We bought her a harness today, since she arrived on a choker chain, which she clearly hated.  So she's much easier to walk now (despite being repeatedly bumped into).  Also, Geoff found infection in both her ears this morning, and it's bad.  The fungus that he cleaned out was like paste - way worse than Gwennie's infection that the vet scolded us for.  We're using Gwennie's leftover ear medicine, and then we'll be sure to let her new people know they need to clean her ears often. 

It is really fun watching the two of them play though. She's so big and floppy, and her paws are HUGE.  This will be a fun week for Gwennie.  We're seeing a side of Gwennie that we haven't seen before - a bit of a jealous, territorial side.  She always tries to take away whatever toy Roxy is chewing on, and her playing is more aggressive than normal.  We bought a huge rawhide bone for Roxy to hopefully keep her from chewing the furniture, and Gwennie thinks it's hers, though she can barely pick it up.  It is fun having the two of them though.  We took them outside to play this morning and they came back and slept for six hours, so we're going to do it again before bedtime.

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