Sunday, May 8, 2011

Showering pug

Happy Mother's Day!  I know having a dog doesn't in any way compare to being a real mother, but in honor of this holiday (as if I need an excuse), let me share a cute story with you.  While I was in the shower yesterday, Gwennie poked her little head in the curtain.  Have I ever mentioned her obsession with bathtubs?  Before I knew it, she was in the shower with me.  She stood there for a moment, assessing the environment, then hopped back out.  A few seconds later, she was back.  This time she was unable to get back out because it was too slippery, so she decided to make the most of it.  I was beside myself watching her play with the shower spray, daring herself to get closer, until I finally put her out, and she went nuts like newly bathed dogs do.  I was mentally writing up the ad that we will probably soon place: "pug that likes to take showers with you."  We love our little dog so much.

Well, after church we're going to Grandma's for dinner.  We're bringing cookies that we made using the Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookie recipe, except we left out the espresso powder, and added our own touch.  Melt half a bag of chocolate chips and mix the melted chocolate in with the dough before adding the rest of the chocolate chips.  Chocolatey!  I'm excited to visit with Grandma and give mom her present.  Alison and I went in on it this year.


blakeandcourt said...

Your dog IS really cute. and in some ways, I think, having a dog can be more work than a child. You are brave trying to give her a bath!

NaDell said...

Sounds like a fun dog.
Extra chocolate in cookies is hardly ever a bad thing.
Now I want to know what you got your mom for mother's day. I always need new ideas.