Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bye Roxy

This afternoon I drove Roxy up to the Salt Lake Hilton for the auction. I was a little nervous to take her inside the nice hotel because of her potty habits, but we made it. Everyone who saw her instantly fell on her, oohing and fawning. It made me feel good to see it. Someone will spend lots of money on her and will hopefully take good care of her. Cuz she's a big sweetheart, she's just a LOT of work. It made us appreciate what a good and easy dog Gwennie really is. And now it's just us three again!

Yesterday mom brought the truck up to our storage unit and helped load my cedar chest and took it back to their house. We're going to sell all the stuff in storage and the cedar chest is one thing I wanted to keep because it was a graduation present from mom and dad. While in Spanish, I had the chance to visit with Grandma, then went to dinner in Springville with a friend. She came to our house after and hung out until midnight, it was fun.

Today Geoff went for a 7 mile run, I went to the gym (2 miles in 30 minutes, slower than I had expected. I also did abs, calves, and deltoid/triceps). Then we went to the storage unit and took pictures of stuff so we can post ads online. Then I took Roxy to Salt Lake, then we went out to dinner. It was nice after a week of one of us always having to be home for sake of the dog. Tonight it's movies! I love weekends!

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NaDell said...

Cedar chests are worth keeping. What a treasure!