Monday, May 23, 2011


Gwennie got lots of vaccine updates today, and a blood test for heartworm (thankfully negative). But I was talking with the vet about how we are moving and have to find a new home for Gwennie. He suggested that we start looking soon, so that we can slowly acclimate her to the new family. Maybe have her spend the night once or twice beforehand, as opposed to just dropping her off in the new place and being suddenly gone. Because dogs form bonds like we do too, and it can be hard on the dog as well. Well, we had a few minutes while waiting for the blood test, and I walked Gwennie around the store and gave Geoff a call to tell him what the vet said. Suddenly I started crying and choking up and couldn't even get the words out. We've been putting it off because it's hard, but I think the vet is probably right. It could take a few weeks to find a really good home for her. The vet even offered to see if any of his clients are looking for a dog, once we decide to get going on it. Anyway, I'm choking up just typing this. I'm not ready to say goodbye to my baby.

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