Monday, May 23, 2011


Last Saturday I got a little frustrated that I wasn't really increasing my time/distance than when I started.  (Still 2 miles in 30 minutes).  Geoff suggested that I start over, and pace myself enough to go the full 3.2 miles, then increase it by like .2 mph each time after that.  Over the course of a month, I should be able to increase it quite a bit, hopefully.  So I did that today.  I walked 3.2 miles at 3.8 mph in 51 minutes.  It is as fast as I can walk without having to jog.  So, next time I increase, it will be at jogging speed.  I'm not sure though because even though it's a small increase in speed, it's the difference between low and high impact.  I might do half at walking and half at jogging tomorrow, then see if I can jog the whole thing without stopping after that.  Then I can start increasing the speed while jogging the whole way.  Today I also did abs and calves.  I love coming home and drinking the protein shake (with skim milk), it's actually kind of good.  Even though, I think it gives me gas (TMI? Sorry.).

On the radar for today: take Gwennie to the vet for vaccine updates, post ads for the furniture in storage, and start cleaning out the outside storage closet, if I can do it without getting soaked (as I type this it's starting to pour. I don't remember a spring with so much rain, though I suppose it's a good thing- I imagine this is what Scotland is like most often).  Yay for having the time to do all of this!

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